Exercises You Should Not Be Doing

With so many exercises to perform too many fitness gurus are trying to recreate the wheel with some nonsensical exercise to be different or cool.  Well I am saying it here folks…it is not cool.  Just because you saw someone doing an exotic exercise and he/she was in great shape, does not mean it is a safe and great exercise.  Nonfunctional exercises are like Ed Hardy.  You saw people wearing it, you thought about wearing it, you knew it was a bad sense of fashion and should not wear it, so luckily it quickly went out of style before you could wear it.  Thank the powers that be, societies common fashion sense was restored and you were saved from looking like that guy from Kate Plus Eight.  So now fitness common sense needs to be restored.

Stability Ball Squats-Standing on a stability ball with an Olympic bar stacked with weights is not only incredibly dangerous, it has zero functionality, and the person performing it looks like a circus animal, or a douche bag, you can pick which one.  The thought of this exercise is that it works your core tremendously.  In a manner it does, if you over look your ankle joints, hip joints, overall joint alignment, and possibly crashing down killing yourself.  Standing on a Bosu Ball without weight does more for your core without the danger or harm to your joints.

Curtsy Lunges/Cross Lunges– Women mostly are guilty of performing this exercise, hence “curtsy.”  Crossing your back leg behind the other leg and twisting the forward knee to a dangerous level while lunging is incredibly hazardous to your knee joint.  The functionality is argued that ice skaters do cross lunges.  That is incorrect.  An ice skater only pronates the back ankle and hip for a second while lunging then transfers the weight to the front leg.  Here, do walking lunges.  Then make it more difficult, add weight.

Assisted Pull-up/Dip Machine One Legged Press– This is worse than someone doing bicep curls in the squat rack!  People will stand on the Assisted Pull-up/Dip Machine and put one foot on the knee pad and leg press the counter weight platform downward thinking it is an incredible glute exercise.  My jaw drops with the weight of stupidity every time I see someone Instagram post a picture of it.  Use a step and step up! That looks even cooler and will build your glutes better!!!  Fact Bozo! (He was a famous clown)

Now that I have insulted an iconic clown and probably some of you who are reading this you can now think about each exercise you do or see someone do.  Caveman created the wheel.  They also technically created working out and lifting weights.  Lift rock, move rock.  Being creative and doing something people might think is cool, is not cool for you or your body.  Do not get fancy.  Make sure it is functional, safe, and makes sense performing!

Fitness Tip: It is hard not to get caught up in the thought of showing off while lifting.  Showing off while exercising only leads to injuries when it comes to lifting weights.  Ignore it.  Show off your body, not an injury.  Which one is cooler?  Exactly.


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