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In The Dollhouse with Lina is the Youtube talk show that takes place in Lina Bradford’s room of Barbie dolls.  There are over 600!  The show features the spirited house music DJ-diva discussing music, fashion and pop culture with her celebrity friends.

In the first season, Carson Kressley, Robert Verdi and Bevy Smith (host of “Bevelations” on Andy Cohen’s Radio Andy) were among the fashionistas who dropped into the dollhouse. Season Two will welcome even more guests to the pink couch, including Candis Cayne, NY Real Housewife and Home Shopping Network jewelry designer Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Whoopi Goldberg.

Celebs and fans are drawn to Lina because of the essence she projects, one of love and light. “I’m an Aries. I’m optimistic and I love a challenge.”  She is a trans woman but does not define herself by it. “I’ve never done labels. I’ve only worn them,” she says.

Oh, and she’s fun!  One of the most popular segments on the show is “Asian Fortune Cookie Kiki” where guests play the Origami Paper Game with Lina, answering questions no one else would dare to ask.  The show offers Lina, her guests, and viewers too, a rare chance to revert back to a childhood when shaking the Magic 8 Ball, embracing imagination and playing with dolls was acceptable and encouraged.

We caught up with Lina Bradford at the Dollhouse studios in New York where she was preparing for season two of In The Dollhouse with Lina.

IMG_9970  by MANUEL RODRIGUEZGED: You have quite the collection of dolls, girl!   

Lina: I’ve been collecting since the age of four.

Do you have a favorite?

I love all of them for different reasons but I have to say that as I have matured, I’ve begun to look at Tuesday Taylor by Ideal in a whole new realm! Her penthouse is everything.  It makes the dream house pale in comparison.  Also, her clothes are pretty magical and her whole vibe. She was this real funky New York gal, like me!

Could you ever sell any of the dolls?  


Girl, you could be rich!

I’m already rich for so many other reasons.  I am rich for the many amazing life experiences I’ve been blessed with.

If your Magic 8 Ball could bring anyone at all, living or dead, into the dollhouse, who would you choose?

Good question. God.

Good answer!  Now what would you do if the Magic 8 Ball transported gospel singer Kim Burrell to the pink couch?

I would give her blessings, love and light. I don’t see a reason to be ugly and nasty to anyone.  Kill ’em with kindness and school them with love!

IMG_9942  by MANUEL RODRIGUEZShe came under fire for referring to gay people as “perverted”.

I’d want to learn how someone who is of a spiritual nature can spew such negativity.  It doesn’t connect.   We’re all brought into this world with positive energy.  All of the other stuff is negativity and that’s all taught so she’s really contradicting herself.

Your show made me a huge fan of Bevy Smith.  I had never seen her Bravo show or heard her on Radio Andy but now I love her, thanks to you!

Thank you! I love to hear that because Bevy is amazing.  I’ve loved her for over thirty years.  Her career as an editor, her fashion, just everything she’s done is golden because of her delivery.  She’s fantastic.   I love laughing and I love beautiful energy.

Is that what In The Dollhouse with Lina is all about?

Yes, the Doll House is a place for everyone and everything.  You get a mixture of the tossed salad that is my life.

What’s your resolution for 2017?  

Not to sound hokey pokey but it’s the same every year: an end to hatred, an end to disease and a unification of every tribe.

You are the real doll, Lina.

I love making people happy.  It’s what brings me the most joy every day of my life.


In The Dollhouse With Lina is free at Follow on Facebook @DJLina. 

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