Silly consumer, gimmicks are for kids!  In a world where everyone wants things to come easy, there is one thing that will never and can never come easy…fitness.  It is hard work and dedication.  You cannot just wish it to happen.  If wishing was the only thing that was needed we would all be billionaires hanging out with Oprah.  So why buy something that will not assist you on your fitness goals no matter how much you wish for it to work???

Let us get this list of current gimmicks out of the way and tear them apart.  The Shake Weight, a perverted piece of equipment that doesn’t use full range of muscle motion, so will never work.  “Fat Melting” procedures, fat cannot be melted like plastic, fat is a cell; it can be depleted or physically removed but never melted.  The Waist Trainer, a glorified corset and we all know what happened to Rose on the Titanic.  Any machine that says it gives you a “full” workout in just 15 minutes, no athlete trains for only fifteen minutes, so no one will build endurance in fifteen minutes?  All gimmicks.  Period.  No matter what celebrity endorses the product, just remember that the celebrity is being paid a large amount to say it works.  Sure they will pose in pictures and puke all over social media about using the product with testimonials describing the incredible fitness achievements the product provided them, but behind closed doors when the cameras are off, they are just like every normal person hitting the daily grind of nutrition and exercise.

When curiosities interest is peaked with a new gimmick you must research the science.  Not the fitness companies website that is filed with altered science that proves their product works, but actually go to many different websites and reviews, go to a fitness expert and have them explain the functionality of the product, or just use common sense!!!  Remember the hologram bracelets and “Shape Ups?”  Both had extensive science and huge celebrity endorsements, as well as, professional athlete endorsements.  They would perform tests, trials, display bar graphs and research, yet Shape Ups were sued then discontinued and the hologram creators were told “prove the science, or be sued.”  All hologram designers came forward and proclaimed they were a gimmick.

Fitness is work!  Like work we have to be on it every day.  Forget about the celebrity supposedly using the newest magical fitness break through, turn off the television when the infomercial comes on with the new piece of exercise equipment that shortens your workouts and get to work!  Think of fitness as any sports game, the players practice hard, they train hard, and when the game comes they play hard.  NO gimmicks!  Go workout hard and train for the game of life!

Fitness Tip: Want to spend money on something that will help you work out?  Get a gym membership.  Invest in yourself not a product.

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