Doing It With Palm Springs Home Team

by Conrad Miller


Ever thought about how simple life would be if everyone just did what they said they were going to do and did it when they said they would?  If you’re someone whose life is impacted by those around you – and show me someone whose isn’t – then welcome to Doing it with Palm Springs Home Team.

Growing up in a middle class family in the Sand hills of Nebraska, my parents instilled a sense of responsibility that to this day, can send me into a frenzy.  A friend once told me that in my professional career I’d been everything but a nun and she was pretty much right (There was that one Halloween, however!).  And as a Realtor today, that sense of responsibility often makes my husband question my sanity.  You see, I find it nearly impossible to stop until something is done and is done right.  (“Right” being my criteria of course!)

Over the course of this blog, I want to explore what “doing it” and doing it right really means and more importantly,  its impact on how we live our lives.

Fine living is really an art, you know!  The art of our surroundings.   The art of design.   The art of staging a home to sell.  The art of entertainment.  The art of relaxation.  The art of wine, dressing, food…whatever it is that makes you sit up and come alive.

When my husband Brandon and I started Palm Springs Home Team, our driving force was to do things bigger and better than anything we’d ever seen.  Marketing had to be better.  (iPhone pictures on the MLS or Zillow make me cringe!) Open houses had to be better.  (Stop in for a mimosa or two whenever you see one of our flags!)  Customer service had to be better.  (It really doesn’t end when the transaction closes.)

Why?  Because not only is it our responsibility to you as our client, it is our responsibility to ourselves.  My momma always told me that whatever you choose to do, do it with pride and always do it the absolute best you can.

We’ll share in future articles how the art of focusing on bigger and better has impacted our business and personal lives.  Let me say as humbly as humanly possible, however, we have made a terrific name for ourselves by focusing on client responsibility coupled with a dogged determination to doing it right every time possible.   If you’re going to do it all, why not do it the best?

So here’s to doing it with Palm Springs Home Team.  We look forward to doing it with you as often as we can, as well as we can and have a blast doing it!


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