File Jan 17, 5 18 21 PMBrent Everett started out in the adult entertainment industry at 18 with his first boyfriend, according to Brent “basically just for the kicks.” Brent tells us that he “never imagined making a career out of it, that’s for sure!” Brent began by working for small companies because as he tells it, “I didn’t think I was ‘Big Studio’ material.” Not long after doing a few scenes and beginning to be recognized, Brent was encouraged to work with the best studios and directors like Falcon Studios, Chi Chi LaRue, Studio 2000 and the like.

In 2005, Brent started his own production company and website. He released his own first movie, “Wantin’ More” in 2006, and began to divide his time between his Canadian home and sunny California to be able to spend more time with his boyfriend, fellow porn-star, and then fiancé, Steve Pena.

Brent and Steve grabbed legal same sex marriage by the balls and got married on October 3, 2008. The hot couple wore white, while surrounded by their family and friends in San Diego. Since that time, while having their ups and downs, they have remained lovers, husbands and business partners.

File Jan 17, 4 58 10 PMWhile flying into the USA from Winnipeg in 2012, Brent and Steve encountered a female immigration agent who didn’t like the fact that they were married. (This was before the Supreme Court declared DOMA unconstitutional, but same-sex marriage was legal when they got married in California in 2008 prior to Prop 8.) Brent was denied entry. A lot of tears and time have since been spent trying to fix the situation. Brent now splits his time between Canada and Turks & Caicos Islands.

But this has not stopped them from loving and lusting after each other, or from expanding their porn empire at Recently, Brent revealed part of his life journey through art in his first ever Art Gallery Exhibition – “Unbreakable” in Toronto. “Unbreakable” illustrates how one’s successes and failures can only lead to immense exceptionalism and growth. Brent’s artwork and various other fun things are for sale at

This sexy couple proves that Love and Sex can go hand in hand. Congrats Steve and Brent!


Photos by Douglas Coats / Hubert Pierre Pouches

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