By April Viente

We are all adults here, right?  If so, then most of us have heard stories which claim that everything feels, smells and tastes better when you are high.  However, this is not always the truth.  I conducted an unofficial study and asked marijuana users to share their experiences.  As far as marijuana and sexual performance are concerned, some believed being high resulted in the best sexual experience of their lives, while others disagreed. As with any good study, there are always multiple considerations.  My research was no different, and I suggest that you reflect on the good and the bad when it comes to the effect marijuana may have on your sex life.

The Good

  • Intense Orgasms

With its direct relation to perception of time and increased sensitivity, intense orgasms can be associated with the use of marijuana prior to sex.  There are some who claim that their orgasms are more dynamic, lasting for upwards of 30 seconds.  Some marijuana users also stated that they experienced tantric level orgasms while high.  Whether you are engaging in sexual activity with a partner or “going solo”, most would agree we want our sexual experiences to be good.

  • Increased Sensitivity

Reports of heightened sensitivity were also very common as far as marijuana use was concerned.  Some suggested that their sex felt better when they are high.  Another study revealed that marijuana users tend to feel more emotional, euphoric and relaxed, all of which can be a good thing during sex.

  • Slows Down Time

Marijuana users often experience slow motion perception, or a mental state wherein time seems to slow down.  This is great news when the sex is good, but maybe not so much if you’re struggling to connect.  For those that have difficulties maintaining their fervor during sex, marijuana can at least make you and your partner feel like the act has gone on for a long time.

The Bad

  • Lower Sperm Count

Sorry fellas, if you are trying to conceive a baby, marijuana may not be your best friend.  Listen, this finding does not mean that smoking marijuana is a form of birth control.  Instead, it just affirms that smoking marijuana can lower a man’s sperm production.  Therefore, decreasing the chances of getting a woman pregnant.

  • Vaginal Dryness

Ladies, there are some potential issues for us as well.  According to the same study, smoking marijuana can cause the mucous membranes along our vaginal walls to dry out.  I cannot speak for all women, but vaginal dryness does not sound like something we should ignore.

Regardless of who is conducting the study, the effects of marijuana on sexual performance are unique to every person.  While some claim that they do not think sex and marijuana should go together, others feel that a pre-sex smoke can do great wonders for their libido and ensure a explosive time in the bedroom.  Whether you believe the reports or not, be safe and make sure to consult your medical practitioner for more information, or if you experience any negative effects after using marijuana.  This information is not intended to be medical advice.  Until next time, stay irie friends!

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