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Just in time for summer and Pride Season in California comes the much talked about Yuri on Ice. This 12 episode series centers around figure skating and routines choreographed by retired ice dancer Kenji Miyamoto, with characters designed by Tadashi Hiramatsu, written by Mitsurō Kubo, and directed by Sayo Yamamoto. The show follows the ups and downs of ice dancers Yuri Katsuki, Victor Nikiforov, and Yuri Plisetsky. As both Yuri’s compete for the gold in the Figure Skating Grand Prix, as well as the affections and coaching of Victor we see beautifully drawn skating routines of all three.  Kenji Miyamoto’s choreography for each skater is enough of a reason to watch the series, beautifully depicting the male form. Yuri Katsuki and Victor’s relationship is depicted differently than most gay relationships in anime, in that their relationship is never overly sexualized, focusing on the emotional rather than the physical. The series got a lot of attention and awards for its gay characters kissing and exchanging gold rings. At times the characters are so real in true to life situations it’s easy to forget that they are not only fictional.  Right now you can catch the series with subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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