Forget about black – white is back and making a big statement.  Just in time for spring and summer are fitted and structured white slacks, tops and jackets.  And you can incorporate white into your wardrobe by mixing and matching pieces, such as white shirts with colored pants and white shoes.  Given our geographical climate, the white fashion trend is very wearable, practical, and easy to fit into any wardrobe, at this time of year, or, gasp, even after Labor Day!  Yes, you can wear white after Labor Day.

Like many other seemingly idiosyncratic fashion rules, the reasoning behind the ban on wearing white after Labor Day has mostly faded from the public mind, especially here in the almost year round summer weather of sunny Southern California.  The idea behind not wearing white after Labor Day is the signal to the end of summer and to move those light weight clothes to the back of the closet.  Living in Southern California, I don’t even own a heavy wool top coat, so I can’t move that to the front.

Many top designers around the world, from edgy Diesel Black Gold, to preppy Black Sheep by Brooks Brothers, have white as a top fashion trend for this year; from all white suits to combinations of white.  To balance your all white look, be sure to wear contrasting textures to keep it from looking tacky.  For example, a white cotton shirt looks good with a linen suit.

White jeans are also making a comeback.  The great thing about white jeans is that every color goes with them so you won’t have a problem teaming your shirts, and depending on the look you want to carry off, you can choose your color.  I suggest pairing your white denims with a linen jacket, for an ensemble that switches from work to play and work again, if you so desire.

So whether you will be bold and wear white after Labor Day or not, this spring and summer is the time to beef up your white wardrobe and reinvent your style with this solid trend.  Be Stylish.

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