Steevee asks, “Why is the violence rate so high against Transgender people.”

Good question Steevee. Violence in the Transgender community isn’t anything new but has had a more visible impact on our community now due to social media access. This is a complex topic, so here I will focus on the LGBT community as a whole.  Although not a clear cut reason but a combination of reasons, I believe the lack of community support of diversity, gender violence and transgender misogyny are probably the two biggest reasons. Transgender people need more physical support verses verbal support. Gender bias in a male privileged society has made it a struggle for those that do not fit the male or female binary role to be faced with more difficult challenges than those of privilege.  Often, most are blind to the privilege they inherent in societies social hierarchy.  Ponder on the timeline that male privilege by reflecting on the word “History,” which means “His Story.”  Not our story or her story, but his story.  With cisgender male privilege and some female privilege the society structure presents two opportunities: 1) Elements to achieve and succeed based on that gender; and 2) How that person chooses to share that achievement with others less fortunate.  The T in LGBT has always struggled for social acceptance within the LGB community but many of the LGBs have moved on to focus on themselves after achieving marriage equality.  I believe the majority walked away from human rights and then were blind-sided by the new administration assault on them again.  The T is often isolated which in turn presents itself in a position like that of a stray sheep among wolves. It has been my personal experience that I have been called a “gay drop out” by some gay men and “under cover man” by some Lesbians. Even though the T supported marriage equality for the LGBs, the majority of Ts were not affected by this due to the fact we have the legal ability to change our name and gender marker.

Violence targets minority populations due to the lack of public support for that minority.  In America we often pride ourselves on being diverse, but avoid the words accepting or respecting.  With that said the Transgender community carries some of this responsibility as well because many choose not to collectively unify.  The struggles that the Transgender community are going through now for equality is much like what the Gay men struggled with in the 80’s.  Politics has a word for it and it’s called “Crabs in a Bucket.”

Many elements play into violence against a minority and it is so complex that entire sections at libraries are dedicated to this subject. In an attempt to simplify, “Lack of physical support increases the violence.”

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