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Life is an adventure and living an unlimited life is a choice.  To live without limitation is to live without bounds, to create your life in accord with all that you desire, all that you dream of.  So, think about it – what is truly possible for you if you aim at living an unlimited life?  Quite possibly the best adventure you have ever imagined!

The definition of adventure is this:  daring and exciting activity, calling forth enterprise and enthusiasm.  If we desire, we can make our lives a daring and exciting activity!  We can call forth enterprise and enthusiasm each and every day in unlimited ways.  The power resides in our choice.  Every moment we can see the possibilities in life and aim to live in them, or we can stay focused on what is not working and potentially remain stuck.  It is all in direct correspondence of where we hold our attention, in what we believe.   From our belief, we create.  So then it seems to make sense that where we place our attention, what we believe, is vitally important to pay attention to.  If we don’t like what we are living in the midst of right now, it is necessary to shift our perception, and attention to the direction we would like to experience

Limitation is a perception, because we live in an unlimited world.  If we believe that we are limited in any way, then we create limitation in our lives.  Our beliefs propel us to make certain choices and unless we stay highly conscious, we will choose from this limited viewpoint.  Staying conscious is the most important job we have right now.  It is imperative that we stay highly conscious and tap into the unlimited Universe with every breath we take.

Consider for a moment, the unlimited nature of the Universe.  The depth of the ocean is unlimited, the sky above is unlimited, and nature itself is completely unlimited!  If ever you begin to forget and fall into the trap of limitation, the best solution is to immediately get yourself out into nature.  Go for a hike, a brisk walk, or possibly just sit and observe the ease and grace in which all the ways the Earth keeps creating.  The flowers keep blossoming, the trees keep growing, and it all supports human life.  It all supports YOU!  Choose to live in the acceptance of this possibility.  Let us push through any apparent limitation and see the unlimited opportunities that lie before us.  When we remember that we live in an unlimited world, then we will mold our choices and create a truly unlimited life!

Remember that adventure awaits us at every turn.  Go on, you deserve to live an unlimited life now.




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