JC asks, “Why are there Transgender Republicans against Transgender people in the military?”

Thank you JC for this tough question.  This is a very complex issue and I can only share my perspective.  Money is more important than rights, because many already have the privilege they need, others are working towards it in hopes of acquiring it, and many have very little interest in helping those less fortunate.  Often, not always, most are only concerned about themselves instead of participating in the collective movement for the best interest of the entire LGBT community which is equal access and equality in all aspects of life. Some, Transgender Republicans are for the ban on Transgender persons in the military using a plethora of reasons that fail when applying scientific facts and logic.  One argument that comes to mind that I can recall is that they become dependent on medication and therefore should be precluded from service like diabetics. This is said by a Transgender Republican Edie Dixon in an interview with The Blaze.

First, hormone replacement therapy is not a mandatory treatment to define a Transgender person.  Some do need it and some do not.  The military has a medication program called 340B.  This allows the military to get discount prices on medications for its soldiers and veterans. Logically, many in the military are on a wide range of medication’s.  The military spends five times more on Viagra prescriptions as ‘dependent medication’ than it does for hormone replacement therapy medications for Transgender soldiers.

Another argument is that it is too expensive to provide for these medically necessary treatments’.  Non-Transgender soldiers already receive these treatments in the military like hormone replacement therapy for women going through menopause or men that have had testicular cancer, mastectomies and breast construction due to cancer, hysterectomies in older women etc.

Transgender people have been in the military for almost a decade without violence against them while serving but, as we have seen by our current administration they want to erase anything that brings visibility to any of the LGBT letters within the current administration and government.  This is what these individuals have chosen to ‘vote for’ which makes their actions very personal to the LGBT community.  The Transgender community continues to challenge persons like Caitlyn Jenner to become a conservative democrat vs a Republican.  Ms. Jenner continues to decline everyone to serve her personal financial interest.  Yet, we see other celebrities that are democrat live extremely well and still help those less fortunate.  From my perspective, Ms. Jenner has forgotten that it’s the people that made what she is today and it’s the people that need her to be there for them.  Simply, you cannot take it with you when you die so what is a few extra dollars to help those that a system oppresses and obstructs from equality.

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