If you’re struggling for gift ideas for the cannabis user in your life, you’re probably looking for inspiration. Here, we look at the top ten gift ideas that most stoners will appreciate. During my search I found more fascinating facts about weed that you may not be aware of.

Fascinating Facts About Weed

Before you present your gift to your weed-loving friend or family, surprise them with some of these unusual facts about weed that they probably didn’t know:

  • Did you know that the very first e-commerce transaction was for a bag of weed? All the way back in 1971, some Stanford students used the university’s Artificial Intelligence Lab’s Arpanet accounts to buy and sell some of the green stuff!
  • Did you know that the state of Colorado has more marijuana dispensaries than branches of Starbucks?
  • Did you know that Shakespeare smoked weed? Remnants of one of his pipes came up positive for marijuana residue in a test in 2015.
  • Did you know that a higher proportion of the population smoke weed in Iceland than anywhere else? Over 18% of Icelandics love the green stuff.


Top Ten Gift Suggestions

  1. Evergreen 4 Piece Grinder

If the weed lover in your life is still using a cheap plastic grinder for their weed, this is the perfect opportunity to help them to get a better experience. This aluminum grinder is super high-tech for reduced friction and a smoother grind. The lid stays closed thanks to powerful magnets and even better, there is a kief screen.

  1. LARGE Marijuana Stash Box Kit

Not only is this a convenient way for your loved one to carry out all their stash and accessories but its slide off top fulfills a dual role as a rolling tray. It comes complete with jars, pipe cleaners, bud bowls, resin spray cleaner and rolling papers. Bonus: The box has a natural finish that can be customized.


  1. Vaporfection ViVape Desktop

For the cannabis fan who only deserves the best, the Vaporfection ViVape desktop vaporizer is the perfect choice. Boasting a host of impressive features including temperature touchscreen settings, a ceramic heating element and glass vaporizing technology, the recipient is sure to be impressed by this high-performance device.


  1. Silver THC Molecule Necklace

For something a little bit different for the female stoner who has everything, a sterling silver THC molecule necklace is a cool way to make a dramatic jewelry statement.

  1. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Paper Gift Box

For anyone who takes their weed seriously, this gift box contains stylish 24K gold rolling papers for a luxury present. It also comes with a Shine lighter, a pre-rolled cone and a bonus greetings card.


  1. K-COOL Ball Ashtray

For the weed fan who loves a bit of home décor, this metal ball ashtray is an ideal addition to their living room. A classy and cool accessory, this ashtray features hand stamped colored patterns and a bohemian style design. It’s useful for eliminating those telltale weed odors and will keep away prying eyes.

  1. Phoenician Elite Grinder

Although this is the second grinder on this list, this one is seriously high-end. Made from quality aluminum, this classy model is 24k gold plated for extra glamour and luxury. Sure to impress, this device also boasts a Fast Lock System so the weed will stay potent for ages.


  1. Stashlogic EcoStash

Perfect for stoners who want to be discreet about their habit, the Stashlogic EcoStash is available in two styles to suit different preferences and features a programmable combo lock to keep weed safely locked up. It also features an odor absorbing packet for even greater discretion.

  1. Cannabis Killer Scented Candle

The recipient who must keep their habit a secret will appreciate this handy gift which burns for up to 90 hours to get rid of those telltale odors.


  1. 420 Novelty Lighter

For those in the know, this novelty lighter is a fun gift for the marijuana enthusiast in your life. Subtle yet witty, they’re sure to love lighting up with this classic Zippo.


Now that the list is complete, pick up a few items and enjoy. Feel free to share your product reviews with me. Until next time, stay irie friends!

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