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Felix Tipper, owner of Tipper’s Gourmet Marketplace, says “We take a carefree approach to making our Sangria.” This Fresh Fruit Wine Cocktail that is synonymous with Spain. At the end of the day, blending wine, fruit juice, citrus soda or ginger and whatever fruit you have, is the perfect way to add a ‘punch’ to your next pool party, afternoon/evening in the spa, or Brunch. Experiment and play with White Wines, Red Wines and even Prosecco or Champagne. Use Grapes, Strawberries, Peaches and even Pineapple as fruit additions. Many recipes call for Brandy, but since Tipper‘s doesn’t have a full liquor license, they omit that ingredient. There is no right or wrong way to create an amazing Sangria that you and your friends will love. Happy Sipping!

(Tipper’s Gourmet Marketplace is located at 276 N Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA)

Tipper’s Rosé Sangria:index

1 bottle White Wine

1 half-bottle Red Wine

1 Cup Orange Juice

1 Can Citrus soda

1 Orange cut into quarters

1 Lemon Cut into Quarters

1/2 cup Sugar (Optional)



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