Words are powerful, words are impactful, words move us to great heights of joy, and other times to depths of sadness.  Words can heal and words can harm. We, each one of us, is the determining factor of just which direction our words go…  to heal or to harm.  So, what do you choose?


There is energy to the words we use, and the miraculous news is that we have the power to choose; CHOOSE what words we use.  Yet the key is that we must stay awake and aware so that the choices we make are conscious.  If we remember that our language can uplift and empower, then we can activate words that do just that. Words of kindness, love, appreciation, and joy, bring forth relationships that thrive and grow. Words of anger, hatred, and abuse, only lead to harm, hurt and separation from those near in our lives.


So, if we desire, we can begin right now to re-educate ourselves and use language that connects and heals.  Imagine for a moment if you began to speak to everyone you know with a consciousness of kindness, compassion and love? Pretty safe to say, all your relationships would have the opportunity to shift to new heights of joy and connection. I invite you today to begin, right where you are, to take a breath before you speak, think about the words you are formulating and delivering to the person before you. Consider what is possible in communicating powerfully with clarity and caring leading the way. You may still have to deliver harsh news, lead a board meeting, guide a staff of hundreds, but it is possible to practice acts of clear kindness even as you do so!


Lets us stretch within ourselves in using this powerful tool of the “art of language” and use it for good, growth and expansion.  Recognize and acknowledge yourself where you already do this, and then gently review the areas of your life where you feel there is some attention needed.  It may be in how you speak to yourself.  Begin there.  Be willing to release the past language habits that may no longer serve you and lovingly begin again.  Today, consider affirming these words:


“I am willing to be kind to myself and others as I communicate this day.”


“I am open to take a breath before I speak and allow the words of compassion and connectivity to roll off my lips.”


“I choose wisely how I express myself and allow love to lead             the way.”


Our words have power, and we are the gatekeepers to freedom of expression.  Let us choose wisely and kindly.  The world needs us to.






Kim Stanwood Terranova is a licensed practitioner of Truth from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, as well as the founder of the global peace organization World As One.  Her intention is to assist individuals to awaken to live empowered lives.  Kim offers counseling sessions in her Malibu office, as well as by phone to individuals, couples and families. www.kimstanwoodterranova.com

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