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A Sunday afternoon in Vegas is always a great chance to spend time with great friends.  Some friends had a “day with the girls” and stopped off for a bite at the hot spot in Summerlin known as The Martini, located at 1205 South Fort Apache.  Everything is scorching about this hot and trendy gem!

As we walked in and found a place to sit at the bar, a sexy and familiar face, Nick Star, greeted us.  Nick was a fixture at Krave Nightclub for many years as the sexiest bartender around, until he and his family joined forces to create an amazing experience at The Martini.  Nick, a culinary graduate, said he was going to make our mouths happy.  We, four giddy gay boys, were not about to turn down a smokin’ hot straight man, even if he was talking about food.

The four of us looked like the Sex and the City girls, anticipating our first round of cocktails.  And yes, I would be Samantha damn it!  As we sipped on the S’mores Martini, ecstasy was the first word in our minds.  Nick and the other bartender were at the top of their game, and lookin’ sexy as hell doing it!

We started off with Truffled Mac and Cheese and Ahi Tuna Sliders! You would have thought we were virgins “touched for the very first time”.  The food is AMAZING!!!  As we ate, we got the lay of the land from Nick.  “We get everyone coming here.  In fact, opening weekend, you would have thought we were an after hours gay bar” Nick said.  We could see why.  Everywhere we looked, gorgeous slapped us in the face.  Staff, customers, the ambiance, all smokin’ hot!

Next, Creamy Tomato Bisque with Mini Grilled Cheese.   Warm and creamy with just a slight bite!  Reminded me of a former date I had once…but I digress!

Plate number four – the Drunken Kobe Burger with Sweet Potato Fries.  This burger was loaded and served with a Cabernet Demi sauce.  To say the burger melted in our mouths would be a lie, it just dissolved!  Hands down, BEST BURGER EVER!

Now, the four of us are all friends for a reason.  And one of those reasons was coming towards us.  Dessert!  Deep Fried Oreo Sundae, Deep Fried FlufferNutter Sandwich and Red Velvet Flapjacks! Bitches were going to be rolling out to the car this day! As Nick placed the plates in front of us, his coy and sexy smile already had us melting.  “The FlufferNutter Sandwich is my favorite,” he said.  To say these desserts were ecstasy would be an understatement!  Marshmallow and peanut butter, you just can’t go wrong!

As we tried not to burst, Nick placed Pear Martini’s in front of us to top off the amazing feast!  Sweet and fruity, just like the four of us!

The Martini Las Vegas is a MUST!  The staff is sexy, flirty and the nicest crew in town.  Their motto is, ‘Drink, Dine, Play’ and as we rolled out to the car, we were already planning our next date at The Martini Las Vegas!

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