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 Anyone who’s ever said “bisexuals have it easy, they can date anyone,” has never met Elizabeth Beier. In her new graphic novel THE BIG BOOK OF BISEXUAL TRIALS AND ERRORS she shows us all the drama, confusion, and weight gain of her real-life adventures coming to terms with her bisexuality. The book opens with Beier ending her relationship with her long-term boyfriend to follow her newly embraced attraction toward women. But does that mean she’s now a lesbian—or thinks she is? Even once she accepts she is bi, things don’t smooth out. The parade of men and women she goes on dates with ranges from typical bad date stereotypes to heartfelt connections that just missed the mark. The genders may change but the struggle of dating is real. Beier clearly captures all of the mixed up emotions. THE BIG BOOK OF BISEXUAL TRIALS AND ERRORS is also more than just a who’s who of Beier’s dating history. Where the story really shines is seeing her come to terms with who she really is in all aspects beyond sexuality—confidence, self-esteem, body image, and talent.  Winner of the 2016 PRISM Comic Queer Press Grant, Beier exposes us to her own fun and moving personal story in 216 pages of beautiful black and white and published by Northwest Press.


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