​“Be the change you wish to see in the world!”  Gandhi


It is an interesting time in human history. There are things happening around the world right now that are creating a sense of uneasiness for many. In different places across this beautiful planet there have been individuals exhibiting anger, rage, frustration, and sadly, at times causing harm to others. Yes, this has been ongoing in the history of our world, but right here, right now, the sense of uneasiness continues, and we must stay awake to it.  We must stay awake to make a difference.

The core of this uneasiness and lashing out is based in a fear of separation. When we feel separate from others we tend to judge them more harshly. When we feel separate, we sometimes attack and cause harm. The belief that we are separate due to differences in the color of our skin, the choice of our religion, our sexual preference, or any other place we may base “differences” as the reason to create separation, is the core of the issue. Right there is a spark where healing can take place, right in the midst of what one may perceive to be different. Our healing can take place right at the center of what is most difficult to look at. If only we are willing.

We are all walking through this human experience together. If we can remember that there is so much to honor in that, and at the center of it all we are connected, then our healing can begin to expand. As we see each other as part of the whole, as we consider ourselves to be part of the global family, and remember we are connected to one another, we are then more apt to send love and peace. Connection brings forth a consciousness of kindness, compassion and a willingness to be of service to others. So, the path of healing is to remember where we are connected to one another even as we may be very different from one another.

Each moment we have the opportunity to review where we stand in this world and to consider where we place our energy. We always have the opportunity to choose where we are coming from – we can choose fear or we can choose peace.  It is always our choice.  We can choose to take a stand for what is important to us without causing harm to another. It is imperative that we cultivate the willingness and the wisdom to do this, to take a stand with the intention to walk in peace. This is what the greatest change makers in human history have done, they took a stand without the intent to cause harm, and with a bold practice of creating pathways of peace.

Where do you stand in your participation in all that is occurring in the world? Are you speaking up with fear in your heart or are you taking a position of peace? I invite you this day to consider the path of peace, one of kindness that still is firm and clear in all that you believe, and delivered in a manner that honors this global family. The world needs us to stay awake and take a strong position for peace and possibility. We are all here to stand together, to represent the HUMAN race, one global family. We have a choice of where we choose to live in this race and I invite you today to choose with a compassionate heart.

We have the power to call forth peace on the planet. I believe this. I know that as we cultivate peace in our hearts, we cultivate peace on the Earth. Even in the midst of chaos, especially in the midst of chaos, we must stay awake and choose wisely. It begins with us, each and every one of us. Together, let us take a stand for peace.



Kim Stanwood Terranova is a licensed practitioner of Truth from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, as well as the founder of the global peace organization World As One.  Her intention is to assist individuals to awaken to live empowered lives.  Kim offers counseling sessions in her Malibu office, as well as by phone, to individuals, couples and families.


Kim Stanwood Terranova, ALSP



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