Summer time is perhaps the best time to dig into the dirty gossip of the gay porn industry. After all, tis the season to shed the clothes, inhibitions and get into lots of trouble with the law.

Austin-Wilde-fucks-straight-guy-Eli-Hunter-on-gay-porn-site-Guys-In-Sweatpants-2While not in trouble with the law, Austin Wilde (who lives in San Diego) certainly loves to shed his clothing. He has had a tremendous 2015 – not only is his website (www.GuysInSweatPants.com) doing well, but Randy Blue is still allowing him to swap spit (and other bodily fluids) with his stable of models – yup RAW scenes. While not a fan of bareback scenes myself (and I know I’m in the minority here), Wilde is getting the pick of the litter when it comes to the guys he’s fucking – his latest being with Brett is a prime example of the weight he’s pulling. Wilde also just got into a relationship and it seems to be doing very well. When he’s not filming, he and his boyfriend Quinn are hanging out with friends, camping and even did EDC in Las Vegas this past June. Wilde is one of the sweetest guys in the industry so we wish him and his love life nothing but the best!

Speaking of Randy Blue, the rumor that he’s only doing bareback scenes is simply not true… for now at least. Once twink now rock hard muscle stud, Randy Dixon is back doing scenes and he’s working exclusively with Randy Blue! Dixon was once a Next Door Studios stud and also did some filming for Falcon and GayRoom but if you look at his side by side shots he looks nothing like what he once did – and his scenes are even hotter than they were at NDS. Having shot three scenes with Randy Blue, he promises us more action.  Dixon told me exclusively that he doesn’t consider himself a porn star even though he’s been in the porn scene since 2012 (only taking a short break to get his bulk on and settle down in a relationship.)

FVP206_105373_B_CliffJensen_003Finally, since I’ve been receiving some private messages on Twitter (@DirtyDishXXX) asking for an update on porn star Cliff Jensen’s incarceration and what’s going on – sadly I have a few things to tell you that the public probably already knows.  It looks as if Cliff (aka Jake) has very limited access to the phone while at the criminal institution. Currently serving in Florida for Grand Theft Auto, a friend or family member is posting on his behalf and says on his personal Facebook page: “There is no a/c (for him) and the high temp in June is 104. He has not yet been assigned a job and basically just eats, reads and works out all day. He has just gotten clearance for phone calls so he will be posting updates and tweeting again soon.” I’m assuming Cliff relays messages over the phone for his friend to post on Facebook and the Twitter handle @LoveCliffJensen. We truly hope he’s doing well and this shit goes by fast. Cliff, also a great friend of mine, deserves to be out in the world being productive and not serving some bullshit sentence for crap he did almost a decade ago. On a similar topic, I can’t wait to see his body when he gets out of that correctional facility. I want to see him nude, I want to see his first jerk off scene and I want to be in the room when he fucks a dude for the first time on film. Don’t you?

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