Summer is almost here and it’s time to hit the beach and/or the pool.  There are so many appealing swimwear lines now that it really hard to pick one.  The most important aspect is of course the fit.  Shorter is generally better, especially for shorter guys (not below the knee), and it helps to reduce any bagginess.  Also, a flat front, as opposed to an elastic front is generally more attractive and reduces the “muffin top” syndrome.  Skinny guys can choose brighter colors and more patterns, as they will help add some bulk.  If you are bigger, you should go for darker solid colors or patterned swimwear with small patterns and subtle colors.  Here are some tips for common body types:

  • Tall and athletic – really just about anything will look good.  Choose a nice color to match your skin tone.
  • Short and athletic – briefs (speedos) with a higher leg and low waist will help lengthen your legs.  Avoid long shorts.
  • Tall and thin – trim surf trunks with a narrow leg opening will look great.  Again avoid too long and baggy.
  • Average height and build – mid thigh swim trunks.  Try to stay with the flat front.
  • Big tummy – solid colors.  Keep leg openings comfortable yet modest, and the shorts should hit a couple of inches above the knee.

Bottom line – wear what fits and what you are comfortable rockin on the beach.  These aren’t set in stone rules, just some helpful tricks to make every body type look its best.  Everyone has a different idea of what looks good and feels good, and it is certainly not my job to tell you otherwise. My wish is for everyone to enjoy the summer outdoors, and show a little skin while doing it. =)

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