Summer 2014 is slowly coming to a close. Since Sunset Junction has faded away, here in LA, there aren’t festivals that signify the end of Summer and the beginning of the Fall months. Of course, if you’re in New Orleans, then the annual Southern Decadence festivities during Labor Day weekend would be THAT party! This year I’m going for the first time but also a slew of other LA boys are descending into NoLa for a long holiday weekend. After booking my ticket to what I’ve heard is the biggest shit show in the South, I was curious as to what porn stars would be there that same weekend to play with. Surprise, surprise –  RYAN ROSE is going back for his second year and his boyfriend ETHAN SLADE will be in tow as well! Ethan, who is from New Orleans, will be celebrating his birthday and the couple will be celebrating their anniversary.  LUCKY DANIELS, AUSTIN WOLF, JESSIE COLTER, DAVID CHRISTIANO & TRENTON DUCATI will also be there partying their asses off… half naked of course!


If I had to name one porn star that I’m always asked about, hands down it would be Francois Sagat! If I had to name a close second it would be Cody Cummings. Personally, I don’t find the appeal of this guy anymore, while hordes of gay men still flock to Google images and view any his jerk off videos, I’m left turned off how this guy hasn’t evolved over the years and has still managed to keep it very vanilla offering his fans nothing more than abs, a cute smile and the same load. Undoubtedly these elements make lots and lots of money for the Next Door Studios network, and since dollars makes the porn world smile, Cody is back with another “scene”! CodyCummings.com is admittedly beautifully redesigned and features a new scene that was launched on August 1 called “Continental Indulgence.”  I’m not buying this scene as Cody isn’t “my type”, but if you want a free preview it features Cody in satin pajamas in a random hotel room in a random country. Something I have to admit is that Cody has kept up his appearance over the years and knows his own dick like he knows his way to the bathroom mirror. If you need to watch another jerk off video, Cody might as well be it; welcome back Cody!


San Francisco likely has the very last event that signifies the end of Summer: FOLSOM STREET FAIR! This annual event is loaded with porn, porn stars, debauchery, and in the last few years: way too many straight people. We all know that the porn companies love this yearly event, however this year porn studios and their stars might be absent as studios are now relocating to the original City of Sin, giving a town that could use the dirty money. A deeper looks provides more rationalization, as Los Angeles not only requires health checks that Las Vegas doesn’t require, but the location fees that LA charges are extremely high compared to that of its desert counterpart. Raging Stallion has already moved and Hot House is prepping for the move. Porn stars ZEB ATLAS, DEAN COX, DYLAN KNIGHT, DOMINIC PACIFICO, CHRISTIAN OWEN and JIMMY DURANO, to name a few, live in Vegas.  However I feel this is just the first wave of stars that will be taking up residence in Clark County! Great news also for the annual Adult Entertainment Expo that occurs early January, plus the second annual Hustlaball which will also take place in January 2015!

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