Fashion is cyclical.  Never worry about that too much though; it’s just a bit of a change from what you wore last year.  Keep an eye out for the following trends and use them to freshen up your existing wardrobe.

Colors are a bit darker than in past spring seasons.   Navy, Wine, Teal, Rust and other shades of dark blues, and of course Black, White and Khaki.  Fabrics remain pretty much the same, Denim still being at the top of the list.  Both Indigo and the new favorite Black, along with lots of cotton chino.   Shine is a continuing treatment for the menswear market.  Shiny casual jackets or blazers over Jeans, shorts and rolled pants.  Fit is a changing direction also in casual sportswear.  Clothes are becoming more body conscious. No longer the baggy sloppy fit which doesn’t show off the body you worked so hard for this past year.



Prints are making resurgence in the menswear market this coming season.  Men’s florals will be everywhere come spring.  Bold prints on suits, silk shirts and trousers, as well as cotton and poplin t-shirts worn under blazers.  Along with florals, look for stripes (wide and narrow) and dots (large and small.)

High-Rise or Rolled Pants

For casual pants like chinos and jeans, roll ‘em up, put a pair of awesome shoes, and just go for it.

Soft Man Bags

Man bags have had resurgence over the past few seasons, mostly due to the need to carry iPads and other devices, but this season the stiff forms will start to evolve and appear in slouchier and softer forms.

Again, don’t be afraid of fashion.  It is there to give you the tools to express yourself in new and different ways and freshen up what you already have in your closet.


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