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Grateful, grateful, grateful – today is a good day to be simply grateful!  The simple practice of gratitude is a life changing experience. What if we began each day with an open heart of pure appreciation?  Imagine for a moment, if you chose to rise up from bed with the intention to be simply grateful!  How powerful the day would be!

It has been proven that a grateful heart paves the way to a magnificent life.  Scientist, doctors and spiritual scholars have agreed, being willing to look at all that you are grateful for can change your emotional and physical well being. Our body appreciates as we appreciate it.   Our mood lightens when we focus on all that we are blessed with.  When we acknowledge something in our lives with appreciation, we are heightening our awareness of where things are working well.  We are focused on all that is good, all that is working in perfect order, which in turn just creates more of the same.  Where our attention goes, more energy flows.  Living in a state of appreciation, is a powerful place to be in creating the life we desire.

Consider this day to be appreciative of the very blessing of being alive… of being able to take your next breath.  Simply grateful that your heart is beating and you are present.  There is always good waiting for us, we just don’t see it if we are not living in a space of gratitude for all that we already have.

So let’s begin right now, take a breath, and contemplate for a moment, what are you grateful for?  In the next breath, think of at least three things you appreciate about your life in this moment.  Now write them down.  It could look something like this:






Just fill in the blanks!  It is that easy!  Now, during your day, expand your heart and be willing to share with others.  Just share yourself openly.  After a few days you will begin to notice things shifting.  Conversations will change; what you give your attention to will change.  Your mind set will be on expressing thanks and focusing on all that is working in your life.  In turn, more of the same will come to you.  In this way, we change our lives, and we change the world.

It is our intention at World As One to assist children all over the world to practice gratitude and kindness.  Let us lead the way so the children of the world are following in footsteps of peace and harmony.  Join us, won’t you?

Gratitude is the key to life, and the key to a better world!

Enjoy these wise words to live by:

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest

appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”     – John F. Kennedy





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