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The adult film industry generates an estimated $13 billion annually. Almost everyone has watched porn at some point–and if they deny it they’re probably lying. In this installment we look at three newly released films starring real life gay porn stars that are not XXX rated but still deal heavily with nudity, porn and the business of sex.


im_a_porn_star I’M A PORN STAR

At one point you’ve probably imagined life as a porn star, and most likely it was way more dirty and exciting that the lives of any real porn actor. The new documentary I’M A PORN STAR, just released on DVD, brings us inside the person lives of four major gay porn stars (Brent Everett, Colby Jansen, Rocco Reed, and Johnny Rapid), showing us what they do when their clothes are on. Directed by filmmaker/actor Charlie David (“Dante’s Cove”, “Judas Kiss”) these stars speak candidly on everything from gay-for-pay actors to the required use of condoms in adult videos. While this film is unrated and does show it all, if you’re expecting hard-core turn-ons you might want to stick with X-Tube. What I’M A PORN STAR does give you is a real unbiased look at the lives of four men who chose a life in gay porn–most of whom are married to women.  (Available on Amazon and TLA Gay.)



Buck Angel is the self-proclaimed “man with a pussy,” and the center of the documentary MR. ANGEL. Unlike I’m A Porn Star which followed already established names in the gay adult industry, MR. ANGEL follows arguably the most unique person in porn today. Buck was born a biological woman, survived addiction, homelessness, and suicide until he embraced his true self and went from a she to a he… almost completely. After that he transformed himself again into the uber-manly Buck Angel and began a life of porn–all without ever having surgery to remove his vagina. Shot over six years this film shows the sex industry from an outsider who fights stereotypes and preconceived ideas of gender to forge his own path. You not only see Buck rise to be an award winning porn star but you also see his reinvention into an educator on transsexuality. The most moving and powerful moments come from very candid and personal interviews with Buck’s parents and his wife Elayne. Much like Buck himself, MR. ANGEL gets you to watch with the oddity of his body, but keeps you watching once you meet the person inside.  (Available on Amazon, Netflix and Hulu.)


man-at-bathMAN AT BATH (Homme au Bain)

If you prefer your hard-core porn stars to be more artistic the new French film MAN AT BATH is what you crave. This deeply dramatic and cinematically layered film is directed by Christophe Honoré and features the debut leading performance from porn star François Sagat (if you don’t count his role as “Male Addict” in SAW VI). This film is told in parallel stories between two estranged ex-lovers the heartbroken Emmanuel (played by Sagat) and Omar who leaves France for NYC. At times lyrical and at times deeply dramatic, both men’s stories are told in strikingly different styles. Emmanuel is shown dealing with his grief acting out sexually while re-examining life. Omar conversely (shot all first person from his POV) is shown moving his attention to an almost obsession with a Canadian. This is truly a “French film” with slow pacing and artistic language not easily understood at times, but the men are hot and there’s a lot of nudity. MAN AT BATH is best with a large glass of French wine. (Available on Amazon and TLA Gay.)

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