Britney asks, “I went to the Pulse Vigil and there were so many people there that I have never seen at the Transgender Day or Remembrance Vigil. Why?”

A very complicated question in which takes some self-perspective and self-reflection. Overall it is because many Gay and Lesbian people relate to their own more than they do to the T in the LGBT family.  To believe that LGBT people have evolved beyond discriminating against their own or, not supporting their brothers and sisters is an illusion.  Just because one holds a Rainbow Flag does not mean they are excused from potentially exercising a great disservice to the movement called the resistance.  We must address our own phobias within our own communities as well as those outside our communities to demand our right to authenticity and equality.  In addition, many Transgender people do the same to the Gays and Lesbians and believe the T should be separated from the LGB’s.  Although the T is uniquely different because it is defined by gender expression and not sexual orientation, conservative right wings individuals with agendas see no difference between LGBT’s.  At this time on the road and journey we all share, we must remain on the same path and not veer away with too much individuality.  We would be a lamb walking into the dark and wooded forest around us. We would become easy prey to the conservatives that use us for agendas, politically motivated hate speech and their own political aspirations.  Together as individuals and allies we stand a greater chance for survival.

Unfortunately there are very few Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and allies that understand what the Transgender Day or Remembrance Vigil is and what it means to everyone.  I believe if we educated our own community more, there would be less violence like Pulse in our community as a whole.  Hate seeks out to destroy ones happiness by stealing one’s life to never feel happiness again and to ensure the ones that loved that victim don’t feel happiness the way they did before.

With this said, all have some of the weight of responsibility here, the Transgender community should be reaching out and connecting to more Gays and Lesbians, the organizations supporting Pulse should promote the November vigil and explain why all should support the end of hate and violence all together, and the LGB’s should reach out and learn how they can do their part to prevent more violence against our community as a whole.

People say that LGBTQ+ people hold each other back like crabs in a barrel, but conveniently neglect to not educate that the crab’s natural habitat is not the barrel. So, who built the barrel?  There is the answer to your question that must be addressed for all of us to be free from fear of real and potential violence.

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