Scott Cullens Exposes Himself

By Nicholas Snow

To the delight of men and women around the world, Scott Cullens has bared it all.  Here, this brave man truly exposes himself, inspiring us all.  For starters, he once died and experienced God.  “At age four, I drowned in our apartment swimming pool,” Scott explains.  “I dove off the deep end from the diving board and slipped through my blow-up shark inner tube.”  His spirit floated above the pool in a bright light while he watched his mother scream and his father jump in to save him.  In these moments, the experience for Scott was “peaceful, comfortable, and beautiful.”  He says, “I have had the lifelong luxury of knowing there is a God.  I watched myself shoot back into that little body as my father brought me out.”

Scott, who is 50 years old (“a little less in Botox years” he says), grew up in the Ozarks of Missouri with two sisters and “various other half and step siblings.”  At the time he had mixed emotions about how supportive his family was, but explains, “I look back with a different perspective, a respect for my parents, and an appreciation of the experience.  I was loved by my parents” which is “the only requirement for a happy childhood.”

“We were poor, but I grew up on the border of a school district where all the doctors’ and lawyers’ kids went to school.  Kids are the most cruel animals on the planet and I was not about to go to that school without the newest Nikes on my feet.”  Scott earned money by picking up cans along the road, cleaning toilets, pumping gas and mowing lawns. “I was voted ‘best dressed’ in school and no one had any idea that we didn’t have two nickels to rub together. This drive carried me through life.”

Scott’s religious upbringing made it more difficult to find his place in the world.

scott-cullens-lub-1“I thought every problem was caused by my incessant masturbation.  I literally cried after every jerk off session.  So I guess I cried pretty much five times a day but I could not get my hand off my dick.  My parents divorced early so when I went through puberty at age ten without a man or anyone in school to tell me what was happening.  It was devastating.  I thought God had cursed me. I think telling a child that there is a devil, a fiery pit called hell, and instilling fear for every action they commit is child abuse. I ruined a thousand orgasms crying about going to hell.”

Was he always fit and athletic, or did he have a duck-turns-into-a-swan sort of story?

“I know a swan story would be so interesting,” he responds, “but I had a little man’s body as soon as puberty hit.  My dad used to say to my mom, ‘Where in the hell did that kid get that body? Not from us.’” He was voted best body at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, MO, outshining his classmate, the Brad Pitt, who came in second.  “True story!  Brad may be a mega, international, interstellar superstar but I have that certificate in my mom’s basement.”

He was voted best body at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, MO, outshining his classmate, the Brad Pitt, who came in second.  “True story!  Brad may be a mega, international, interstellar superstar but I have that certificate in my mom’s basement.”

Proving sexuality is fluid, he prefers men, but confesses, “I am a strange homo because I only masturbate to women in porn.  Even at night, if I have sex dreams, it usually involves women, but that’s probably because I just fell asleep after watching porn.  I feel very comfortable in my skin as a gay man but my subconscious doesn’t play by the rules.  My therapist said to quit analyzing something that is not causing problems.  I went through the shame, guilt and lying initially,” he explains about his sexuality.  “I came out very late at 25 compared to today’s standards.  I am a very spiritual person and I have absolutely no doubt that any dilemma or struggle I endured was because of religion and the lies told to me about ‘right and wrong’.  Sin was invented by men to control others through fear.  We identify good energy and bad energy and apply a moral compass to each, but I promise that my being gay is neither good nor bad – it just is.”

Scott has been interviewed by adult magazines and photographed an erection, but does he consider himself an adult entertainer or porn star?

“Some might consider photographs with an erection pornography,” he says, “but I’ve only done what I consider to be erotic art photography.  My grandmother is an artist and has an immense appreciation for the human form.  I won’t do anything that I could not show her.  I have never done video nude.”  He adds, “I was probably about 24 or 25 when I did my first nude photoshoot, but it was very artistic and not sexualized.  I was about 30 when I did my first shoot with an erection and I remember that was mostly because I had partied the entire night before the shoot on ecstasy, and I was just horny.  We were on the cracked mud flats in the Mojave Desert and the military came to escort us off the base we were using for the location.  Maybe that contributed to my hard on!”

“Mark Henderson was the first artist with whom I felt comfortable shooting for two days with a full erection because his art is absolutely the ideal combination of art meeting eroticism.  I’ve shot with many photographers nude including Michael Stokes, Rick Day, Mark Henderson and others.  There is a lot of judgment on what is considered pornography vs. art, but that is for each person to decide.  I know what I feel comfortable doing, how I want to be presented and what I find beautiful.”

Scott portrayed a male escort in “The Whispers” but has he ever been one in real life?

“I only have one thing to say about hookers.  If you are going to be a hooker, just don’t be a bad one.  I have no judgements about the profession and think it should be legal. I’ve never exchanged anything sexual for compensation because it doesn’t feel like a career fit.  I am interested in careers that build things, and that profession seems more like a job with an expiration date than a career.”

The reality show Obsessed focused on Scott’s battles with OCD.  “I struggled with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a kid.  I would have to get up for school at 5am just to go through all of the ritualistic behaviors to make it to school on time.  I often felt trapped and definitely embarrassed by the thoughts in my head.  Today, there is a real science behind OCD, and help for sufferers.  When I was asked to do the television program, I initially said ‘absolutely not.’  OCD was a source of my greatest fear and embarrassment growing up.  But my therapist suggested that if I helped one other kid who was trapped, ‘would it be worth it?’  Ultimately, it was a great experience because of all the letters and messages I received from people suffering from the same issues.”

The extremely built Scott can be seen in A&E’s Extreme Builds showcasing his construction acumen at the helm of his Palm Springs-based construction and design company, Palm Pacific Construction.  “We have another show on a different network underway, a building and design show with a lot of personality.  I love building houses and showing off my work.”  He loves that is work is showcased on TV because he’s very proud of what he does.  He definitely follows his bliss.

“I love sex and I am a lubricant connoisseur,” he explains.  It must be true, because I couldn’t tell you, as Scott does, that one should pay attention to “viscosity, smoothness, slick factor and dry factor.”  Scott set out to create his own perfectly formulated lube which involved a year of very fun research.  “I finally landed on the LÜB formula and it has been a fantastic first year in feedback and sales.” At you can see Scott in a gorgeous commercial he directed, produced by Dustin Robertson, a veteran of videos for Madonna, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and more.

scott-cullens-lub2“I sunk a small fortune into the commercial, on a Hollywood soundstage with a full production crew of about 20, plus eight professional models.  I told the models I wanted them to be in love, not to look like they were screwing.  LÜB means ‘love u babe’ in urban slang and the commercial is inclusive of this love across all communities…  I’m very proud of the commercial… A new model will fill the LÜB flight suit soon and he is smoking hot!”

Another cutting edge (literally) endeavor of Scott’s is CUT Barber opening in Palm Springs later this year, “the first of many planned in various cities,” he explains.  “It was always a dream of mine to open an authentic men’s barber shop but incorporate the high-end design from my construction and design company.

“CUT is where testosterone meets glam – Murano glass chandeliers, Saarinen tables, Carrara work stations, ultra-high gloss black and white floors…” A precision haircut is planned at less than $25.  His business partner is his longtime stylist, Brien O’Brien.  Says Scott, “I wanted a seasoned veteran on the barber side to mesh with my design and business sense.”

Known by friends to be generous with his knowledge, money and spirit, Scott confesses, “I want to be madly in love and committed to one person.  I can build wealth, houses, and businesses, but I need the intervention of the Universe to build a love I really desire.  I’m a very relationship-oriented guy but I realize that my aggressive focus on business and success can be a detriment to a good relationship.  Basically, I’m a fucking nightmare to be with, but I’m a good guy who wants to be loved like everyone else.”

And who inspires Scott?

“I’m inspired by anyone who woke up this morning with gratitude and is willing to take a leap to get where they want to go in spite of falling on their ass. I find that the key to success is to quit asking people what they think about your dreams.  Get everyone out of your equation.  They have their own dreams and we are each playing our own game. Give everyone a break, let them off the hook and quit asking others their opinion and basing all your decisions on those opinions.  My contract is with The Universe each day.  I promise to show up and do the work, but it must provide the resources to achieve what I want.  God and I have a pretty cool arrangement.”

“Eleven years ago, God saved me once more.  I was a drug and alcohol-addicted mess,” Scott confesses.  “I was a disappointment to myself, my family and a waste of space in the Universe.  I had a brief moment of clarity.  The high from drugs and alcohol was removed for what seemed like only two seconds and a voice came into my head saying, ‘I’ll give you one chance. What do you want to do?’  I immediately called a rehabilitation center and surrounded myself with others who had similar experiences.  From that moment, I promised to be the man I had originally dreamed, make my family proud, be good at a career, become financially secure, take care of my family, have real friends and fall in love with life all over again.”

As Scott’s very exciting storyline continues to unfold, I’ve no doubt you’ll be falling in love with him over and over again.

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