Welcome to the New Year!  2016 here we are and now let us roll out the resolutions!  The crowd favorite is always fitness.  Either it is small goals of working out more or larger goals of looking like you wash clothes on your abs for a living.  Whatever your fitness goal may be, make sure you know that there are possible obstacles out there that may hinder your goal or may make your goal more expensive to achieve.

The number one fitness sale in the beginning of the New Year is always gym memberships.  If you don’t believe it, count the membership staff at your local gym in the month of October, and then count them in the month of January.  They double up like protection used on a loose morale individual during sex.  Now what you do not know is that the gym tries to make up for the loss of income for the over staffing or worse they are greedy and want to make twice the money.  They do this by extra fees.  Initiation fees, enrollment fees, towel fees, all fees to make more money off of you for no justified reason.  When you ask why the fees, they will give you an awful excuse of that it pays for the processing then continue with excuse after excuse until you get tired and just shut them up by paying for it all.  Bull excrement!  Your membership fee pays for all of that.  Refuse to pay it.  They ultimately want your membership.  Bully them do not let them bully you.  If you walk away and they do not chase you down, go to Costco and get the membership or call the gym you just went to over the phone and speak to another membership representative.

Another massive new year’s sale is supplements.  Weight loss pills and protein powder is the number one sold item in every supplemental nutrition shop.  Supplements are marked up from 30-70 percent.  To bring this into more of a reality, something that takes one dollar to make and not even regulated by the Food and Drug Administration is sold to the consumer for at least thirty dollars.  Number one, you do not need supplements; food will always be your best option for nutrients.  Supplements are made to supplement, meaning that it is a last resort because you do not have the option.  Now if you choose to purchase supplements there are many sources to purchase them at a lesser marked up cost, Costco, the internet, or you can always ask the supplement nutrition shop for a discount.  Ask them, they will give you a discount.

Fitness is already a challenge.  The key to fitness success is taking some of the nonsensical challenges out of the equation.  In this case we are taking away some of the financial burdens that fitness can cause.  Take away the excuse.  No excuses, it is 2016!

Fitness Tip:  When cancelling your old gym membership, always call your credit card company and cancel the future payments.  Gyms are notorious for continuing their automatic withdrawal and not refunding your money even after you cancelled your membership.

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