Lauri asked, “Recently I saw a rant by a Gay man about how Transgender people hate Drag Queens.  Is this true?”

Great question Lauri.  The answer would be a no for most, but a yes for some, and here is the reason why. Stonewall riots were actually not the civil rights movement for the Transgender community but instead the Riot of Compton Cafeteria in San Francisco prior to Stonewall.  It was this point in our history that Transgender people split from the drag queen culture and began to self-identify as an individual group.

New_Comptons's_logoBack then, the word most commonly used was “Transsexual” whereas presently most use “Transgender”. This removed the public perception of the word ‘sexual’ in their classification because it often sexualized their gender expression vs sexual orientation.  A very common and even present battle for the female gender. It has been my experience and many others that our LGB brothers and sisters suffer from trans-misogyny and a lack of understanding what Transgender is. This has often lead the Trans Community from leaving what many call the Gay Culture in America.  Our LGBT culture went through a phase were they considered Transgender people drag queens which is offensive to the majority of Transgender people.  This misunderstanding exercised upon the Transgender community compelled that community to become more aggressive in defining their identity separate from the drag queen community.

screaming-queens-3However, there are some Transgender people that still do drag.  We saw something very similar with “Mr. Clean” in the Gay male culture during the AIDS epidemic, where Gay men did not appreciate being labeled all HIV positive based on their sexual orientation.  Like all groups of people, some of the Transgender community is no different when it comes to human behavior to frown down upon another group.  Instead of embracing drag as often the first step of Transitioning they saw drag as offensive because they were being compared to it. “Where do you perform” where typical questions.  Their identity was often not respected and often our culture perceived them as men in dresses.  This increased loneliness and lack of relationships being considered gay or lesbian, health care as they were considered to be MSM’s, and over all peace and enjoyment of their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  Although a very complex subject and not black nor white.  Often, some of the present Transgender community’s energy directed towards drag queens is not out of hate, but aggressively protecting what little individuality and acceptance that they have, because they feel that it is too easy to regress to where we were once before.

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