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Get $2,000 to Make Your Own Comics

If you’re a fan of queer comics and you’ve been to any of the major comic book conventions across the country there’s a chance you’ve seen the booth with the rainbow flag and disco ball of PRISM COMICS. Prism is not only a nonprofit that supports LGBT creators and readers in the comics industry, but they also annually award the PRISM COMICS QUEER PRESS GRANT. This $2,000 grant is to help an independent comics creators publish their work to an LGBTQ audience. If you’re interested you better work fast as the deadline is March 1, 2016!

Over the past eleven years this grant has been awarded to amazingly talented up-and-coming creators including Jon Macy winner of the 2010 Lambda Literary Award for his graphic novel TELENY AND CAMILLE, Ed Luce creator of the popular series WUVABLE OAF, and Hazel Newlevan the editor of CHAINMAIL BIKINI: The Anthology of Women Gamers.

Justin Hall the 2007 winner and editor of NO STRAIGHT LINES: Four Decades of Queer Comics said, “The QPG was tremendously important to me as a comics creator. Besides giving me money to help print my book, it gave me exposure, access to a supportive and dynamic community, and a sense of confidence in my work. Prism is the last organization dedicated to providing grants to independent, self-published comics, and so this is a very special award to strive for.”

There are six simple things you need to submit to apply for this grant including a resume, samples of your work, and a breakdown of your amazing new queer comic concept. The winner will be announced at WonderCon 2016, at the Los Angeles convention center, March 25-27th. For all of the rules and requirements go to and luck!

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