Pinkie-Meringue-Shimmer-GEDmag-0717See that crazy headdress over there? It’s not Hedda Hopper.  It’s Pinkie Meringue Shimmer! How did she get started and choose that name? Pinkie (aka Larry Edwards) started performing in October 2004, back when he was selling Mary Kay cosmetics.  So when it came time to pick a drag name, Pinkie says, “The other queens told me to look in my Mary Kay product catalog.  So I did, and found a blush called ‘Pink Meringue’ and a ‘Pink Shimmer’ nail polish.” Pinkie continues, “I played around with those two names and wanted my name, actually the initials to stand for something.  So I came up with Pinkie Meringue Shimmer (Miss PMS).” Pinkie laughs.

In the last 13 years, Pinkie (and Larry) have contributed much time and effort volunteering for the greater Palm Springs LGBTQ community, and Pinkie feels it is the most important thing she does. “I have been a long time volunteer with Desert AIDS Project (‘DAP’), with over 1,750 volunteer hours.  I volunteer at the front desk, help with bagging produce once a month for the DAP Food Depot food distribution program, and also run a program for clients and volunteers called Pinkie’s Sewing Circle.” Even the sewing circle makes an impact on the community. Pinkie tells us the circle recently made a quilt called the “Broadway Quilt” made from scraps of fabric from Broadway shows.  The quilt was then raffled off to raise money for DAP.

Pinkie has been recognized by DAP as an Everyday Hero, and has received Congressional Recognition from Congressman Raul Ruiz. In 2016, Pinkie was Fan Favorite in the annual Queen of the Desert competition, raising close to $12,000.  Pinkie also volunteers during Modernism Week, guiding tours through the amazing architecture and history of Palm Springs, as well as several other organizations. But DAP is her passion. She tells us, “DAP is my main focus since I am a long term survivor of HIV.  I have been positive for 20 years and I know how blessed I am with all that I have. This is why I volunteer. Because with every blessing comes a responsibility to help others.”

File Jun 17, 3 29 45 PMPinkie currently has two weekly shows and one monthly show, that she and her husband produce.  You can visit and see the magic that is Pinkie Meringue Shimmer at Chill Bar in the Scorpion Room, each and every Thursday Night at 8:00 pm in “The Sting Variety Cabaret with Pinkie Meringue Shimmer,” featuring Pinkie and other fabulous drag entertainers from Southern California. On Saturday nights, visit the Retro Room in downtown Palm Springs for “Pinkie and Friends” at 10:00 pm. This fun show features drag performers and vocalists from the area and is always packed. The last Wednesday of each month find Pinkie in the spotlight at “Rainbow Night at Playoffs” at Playoffs in Desert Hot Springs.

To keep up on what Pinkie is doing, follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pinkie.m.shimmer.

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