There are Personal Trainers, and there are Personal Trainers

Line up the bus because an industry is going to be thrown under it.  Just like doctors there are good doctors and there are bad doctors, except all doctors go through medical school.  After they go to medical school, they get a license and they begin residencies.  Personal trainers for the most part go online and get a certificate over one weekend, then become a trainer for most franchised gyms where they except almost everyone and anyone because the personal trainer turnover rate is so high the gym never takes down the “trainers wanted” poster.  Everyone has seen that poster, it never comes down.  It is very important when making the choice to hire a personal trainer to thoroughly investigate if a trainer is right for you, if not you might be hiring the brain surgeon who graduated from University of Phoenix.

The job of the personal trainer has become the new real estate license fad.  Everyone you know is becoming one!  They think it is an easy job; they can work out all the time, help people better themselves and have an endless dating pool!  The fact of the matter is that the job is not easy.  It takes endless schooling, it takes a lot of practicum and it takes extreme social skills.  Going online and getting almost worthless certificates is not a trainer, it is someone who was certified with a lot of liability releases so the gym’s insurance is covered.  Take the most popular personal trainer certificate practice tests on the internet and find out for yourself to see.  They are free, try it!  They are about as useful as taking those bartender license/certificates courses that promise you a job in your local area.

Now that you have the education background of most personal trainers in the world, here is the way to hunt down the best one for you.  First step in finding a great personal trainer is word of mouth, just like finding a great dentist.  Second, do your own investigation of them.  What do they look like?  Everyone has seen those out of shape trainers everywhere.  If they do not practice what they preach, you are better off going to a church led by the devil.  What is their education?  Check their background and how many years working as a trainer, as well their time at the facility they work at.  When they list off certificates remember the certificates worth.  Listing off certificates is like them listing off different ply’s of toilet paper.  Look for real schooling that comes with a real thorough practicum background.  There are certificates out there that do this, look them up when doing your research.  Lastly, do you get along with them?  Personal training is PERSONAL, it is important to have trust with them.

A lot of personal trainers as well as gyms will be offended by the above comments.  Good.  Hopefully it will bring light on an industry that requires more education.  The city of Washington D.C is moving forward to regulate personal training and possibly more will follow, but until then, do not except what is given or assigned to you at the gym, it is your body, your choice.  Find the best trainer for you!

Fitness Tip:  A great personal trainer does not have another job or live at home and just does it as a hobby.  It is their career.

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