Nutrition for the New Year!

“Another year has come and gone, but this is the year I lose weight, this is the year I succeed at getting back to being what I use to be or better yet, a better me.” How many years have you said that to yourself now?  We all have and we all have given it that ‘old college try from year to year. Diets are our “college try”… we need to be thinking career… life.

I know you have heard “eating is a lifestyle” many times before, but there is a tendency to think eating healthy is not living life or an actual lifestyle. This is where that fails. I am going to break it to you right now – drinking, going out to eat, and an active social life, all need to happen in order for your nutrition lifestyle to succeed. Yes, go live! Try out new restaurants, drink with friends, and enjoy.

Now like a Brian McKnight song, let’s bring it back to one. With all the above being said, a regular portioned controlled eating regimen must be in place for that lifestyle to keep you healthy. If you’re overindulging in anything there is a repercussion. If you have too much of anything the human body will react negatively… whether it is your body or your brain. Moderation is the key to success. This is why you cannot party in Vegas all weekend and bounce back at one hundred percent normal functionality the day after.

Diets fail. Plain and simple. They will work for a brief time before you stop, and you will stop. Then you will say to yourself many times after how you need to get back on it. Eating proportions is the key. It doesn’t matter if you eat six snickers bars a day, you will lose weight or maintain current weight. (No, I am not saying go do that!) The point is the caloric intake. Calories coming in must be used throughout the day. If a calorie is not used, it will get stored. Like a fat cell closet.

Eat what the body needs…  PROTEIN to build or maintain muscle, CARBOHYDRATES to give you energy, and FATS to support cell growth. Consume a daily average of all the macro nutrients your body needs throughout the day and then on Friday night have that luxurious dinner or McDonalds (depends what you fancy), and enjoy a drink with friends.  Do not have that special meal every night and do not drink alcohol every night, but do have fun! Look at that, success for life.

If you’re not a fitness competitor or model, this lifestyle will work for you. Six pack abs can exist in this environment of living. Include a regular weight training and cardio training program with your lifestyle eating. The key to fitness success is not diets, it is consistency. BE consistent! That means being consistent on your lifestyle too. Social settings and friends are one of the main reasons we workout. Our friends motivate us to stay in shape by their presence alone, either by silent self-judgment competition or you have really good looking friends.

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