For the last ten years all I’ve heard is that New Orleans Southern Decadence is a party that you MUST DO at least once. I’ve also heard that once you do Southern Decadence it becomes a habitual recurring obsession.

For the last nine years I’ve had every excuse why I couldn’t go, but this year I was determined to go see what all the hot messy fuss was about. The lineup of stars was pretty incredible: Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels, Austin Wolff, Tyler Wolff, Jessie Colter, Ryan Raz, Lucky Daniels, Elliott Vance, Brandon Baker, Jason Sparks, Bennett Anthony, Declan McClain, Dillon Anderson, Ryan Rose and boy stud of two years Ethan Slade. I’m sure there were more but I was a little buzzed!

One notable missing item in the Southern Decadence equation was DJ/Director Chi Chi LaRue. Having a prior engagement scheduled in Europe, many of her fans and friends commented that, “it just wasn’t the same without her.”

Dolf Dietrich & Drew Sabastian from Treasure Island pulled out a Silhouette box show on Sunday night at the Bourbon Pub in front of a packed house of hundreds of gays. Behind a white sheet the two stars “fucked” and “sucked” each other!

Swiss Navy Lube stole the show every single day with their Evita-esque balcony overlooking all the action on Bourbon Street. Daily porn stars would flock to the luxury sweet to toss beads, mingle, and drink. @MrPeeps2014 also made several appearances as well, and again: total hit! Not sure who Mr. Peeps is? Tweet him! Swiss Navy Lube is giving away $200 worth of their own product each month for followers of this enlarged penis!

One major site to see every day was the anti-Gay protesters. These “men” would walk up and down Bourbon Street screaming and chanting in their mega-phones that we deserved STDs and we were all going to hell. Boring: we’ve all seen these “men” before, but this time for me was especially shocking as they had a cute Latino in-tow with them; if only he didn’t hate my hell bound guts I would have slipped him my hotel key.

FACT: a certain high profile porn star got a little carried away and actually hit one of these God-fearing protestors. I will leave his name anonymous as last time I saw him he was being chased by police. Good for you doing the work of the lord!

See ya’ll next year New Orleans!

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