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Nioh: Review

By Steven H. Garcia

A new action RPG developed by Team Ninja exclusively for the Playstation 4. Nioh takes place in a fictionalized version of the early 1600s Japan. It follows the adventures of historic Western Samurai William Adams, after breaking out of prison with the help of his guardian Spirit, Saoirse. At the moment of freedom, the villain Edward Kelley steals away Saoirse and heads to Japan. Fighting to get back Saoirse, William must face an army of demons and purify the land of this evil threat. Hard like Dark Souls, but more interesting combat with lots of weapons to choose from and each with three different stances. ‘High Stance’ hits the hardest but is very slow; ‘Medium Stance’ has mid-level damage and speed; and ‘Low Stance’ is very quick but is the weakest. You can also learn ‘Onmyo Magic’ which are elemental spiritual techniques and ‘Ninjutsu Skill’ with bombs, darts and poisons. Overall this game is challenging but very rewarding, with beautiful graphics and story-line, and lighting fast action. You’ll keep going on this 70+ hour Samurai journey.

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