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Everyday occurrences are given strange and exciting supernatural explanations in Mushi-Shi. Based off the manga series of the same name, written and illustrated by Yuki Urushibara, the 46 episode television series was produced by Artland and is both eerie and beautiful. The show follows Ginko, a “Mushi Master,” who goes around helping those affected by Mushi. He has one green eye and can’t stay in one place for too long because he naturally attracts Mushi. Mushi are the most primitive of life forms, and can’t be seen by most people. Ginko however, is able to see and interact with the Mushi, and believes that they mean us no harm. While some people are able to live with the special ability that is a side effect of the symbiotic relationship with the Mushi, others must have the Mushi removed or risk serious injury or death. Stunning visuals and an intriguing story-line are what initially drew me to this series and the unique twist is what kept me watching until the end. If you want to get lost in a world of dark fantasy, check out the entire series with subtitles on Hulu. The second season with subtitles is available on Netflix.

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