What is it you want most in this world?  Love, power, money, underwear? If you are anything like me, you can never own too many pairs of underwear. While out dancing and promoting my underwear company, I’ve heard from fans and customers around the world that Comfort is priority along with Support and Sexy a close second. With this information, I was inspired to make luxury underwear for the modern man.  I created small collections with limited runs of exclusive pieces. As sizes and styles sold out, the demand went up. As demand went up, messages came in from customers regretting they had not purchased sooner.  I’ve even heard stories from gogo boys of their YOCISCO’s being stolen right out of their bags by other dancers.   It’s true what they say- “you always want what you can’t have.”   With that thought in mind, YOCISCO Underwear pushes into its second year in business, inspired to present the “Most Wanted” collection.

Most-wanted-pg1 copy As I sat in the studio sketching ideas and brainstorming concepts for the “Most Wanted” collection, I wanted to create a campaign that not only conveys the idea of “Most Wanted” but is also relevant to what is going on in the world today. The beauty of fashion is that it is often used to make a political statement. As some of my true fans know I’ve always been an activist at heart so I took this opportunity to make an impact. The recent injustices have really hit home for me.  Being Latino, I have been mistreated by authorities for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The Gay community has historically been the target of police violence as well, lest we not forget the Stonewall Riots that were triggered by police violence and led to the Gay Liberation movement.  Now, as a 38 year old gay father with a teenage daughter, I am more concerned than ever about the violence happening in our streets.  It seems we all have become the most wanted in the eyes of the authorities.  By calling attention to the issue through fashion, we make it known that we are not going to tolerate these injustices and change must to happen.

With that in mind, I created this collection in three staple colors that every man should have in his drawer- white, black and red.  As I wrote in my last article, summer fashion trends call for basic blacks, whites and grays.  That’s right – you don’t have to wear hot pink this summer.  Color is always good however, so I added red to symbolize passion, love and coincidentally, police sirens. Soft and comfortable is still a priority so continuing to use bamboo fabric was a must (not to mention its eco-friendly.)  Great fit is essential because saggy underwear just isn’t sexy.  I have introduced a new cut to the YOCISCO line called the Iso Brief.  It’s a hybrid between a traditional brief and a trunk. All of this is wrapped up in shinny metallic waistband that’s sure to make a statement.  Metallics, by the way, have been very popular on the runways.

So, whether you are the man who wants justice, wants fashion or just wants great underwear, you should always demand comfort and support.  Making a statement is always sexy and YOCISCO is Where Sexy Starts.

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