Jose asked, “Is there still male privilege in the world and how does that affect the success of the Trans Community.”

We will start with giving a trigger warning, as privilege is highly guarded in culture and community. Male privilege goes back to the cave dwelling era. We still see how it has impacted our community today with the word, “History”.  “His Story”, not our story or her story.  Very few Transwomen have the luxury of transitioning their male privilege with them like Caitlyn Jenner.  Most lose everything including their families.  Subconsciously and Consciously male privilege still exists and it is hard wired into us as we are creatures that struggle with hierarchy.  Simple, most of our eyes in a room will turn to a 6’4” good looking, fit man, before they turn to the 70 year old overweight woman.  This is an example of hardwiring that we must change to redefine our culture. Men often get paid more which resulted in laws for equal pay.  More African American’s males go to prison for the same crimes committed white males. Systemic blocks allow others of privilege to succeed when compared to Transgender people whom are still just trying to get the right to use the bathroom.  To say it doesn’t affect transitioning would be a disservice to others that need to be warned about what is before them when they desire to transition.  Once male and now female, Transgender women face the highest rate of homelessness, unemployment, HIV infection, violence and family rejection per their own population compared to other populations.  With this said, yes there is male privilege, which is fine for them to have it, the question is how noble are these males to use it to help others that have been stripped of it?

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