When Frank Fanucchi and Gerrick Malicdem met in 2011, Frank Fanucchi was an international and award-winning adult entertainer (aka Turk Mason and formerly Turk Melrose). While Frank is best known for his work in front of the camera in such films as Falcon Studios ‘Dripping Wet 2’, ‘Best Men 2: The Wedding Party’, Chi Chi LaRue’s ‘Excess’, Brent Corrigan’s ‘Just the Sex 2’, and ‘Romance at the Blue Moon Resort’; Frank now works behind the camera as lead designer for three of the top gay adult video lines. Frank also branched out into indie films and music videos between 2011-2015. He co-started alongside international Drag recording Artist, and his best friend, BeBe Sweetbriar, in Amir Jaffer’s series of shorts titled ‘Eternal’. He also starred as the lead in ‘Objectified’ and ‘Love Story for Paco’ where he demonstrates his acting abilities playing a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder). In addition, Frank has been a print model (since the age of three) for local businesses, parties and brands, and as a swimwear, underwear and erotic model. He is also a skilled graphic and web designer since 2009, working on campaigns for major brands, musicians, magazines, films and more. And if that weren’t enough, Frank is also a licensed Esthetician, skilled Bartender, and former party producer, co-host and MC (SweetTurkie Presents). Several years later, Frank and Gerrick are still together and loving life. GED Magazine recently sat down with Frank and Gerrick for a chat about life, love, sex and the road ahead.

Photo by Rick Day

GED: How has your relationship changed over the years?

Frank: Well it’s definitely grown from casual to serious. We are basically married. (Laughs.)

GED: San Francisco has the highest number LGBT residents in the US. Do you think living in the City makes it easier to navigate a successful gay relationship?

Frank: I wouldn’t say that. Although it definitely makes it easier to go out as a gay couple in such an accepting community as opposed to one that’s maybe not. I think relationships thrive because the people in them share mutual goals, have respect for one another, and both put in the work to make the relationship a success. Just assuming you’ll magically find your mister right someday and everything will be perfect and you’ll never fight and never grow tired of each other is a total fairytale. If you don’t work to keep a relationship strong you may end up giving up on that mister right when you already have him.

GED: Heading out to the Castro for date night, what are your go to spots?

Frank: (Laughs.) Well we actually prefer to avoid the Castro for date night. We are there so often working that it doesn’t feel like a getaway for us. But when we do, we love getting dinner at Thai Chef, Wasabi Bistro, and Cafe Mystique. We don’t really go out drinking together unless we are with a group of friends – not a big pastime of ours together. When I go out to the bars, it’s usually Blackbird, Hi Tops or The Mix.

Gerrick: I prefer a place where you can dance. So for me, it’s more Badlands, The Cafe, or Beaux.

Photo by Paul Culver

GED: Gerrik what’s one thing Frank has done over the years to make your heart melt?

Gerrick: Well, I think we’d both agree that I am the more romantic one…

Frank: Agreed. He’s definitely the rose petals, teddy bears and mushy-stuff kinda guy. (Laughs.)

Gerrick: He has had his moments though. He once apologized for something (that I can’t even remember now), by covering our apartment in post-it notes with different apologies on each one. He also sent me on an Easter egg hunt one year to find eggs full of candy and cash – my two favorite things! (Laughs.) Just unexpected stuff like that.

GED: What are your views on marriage?

Frank: I personally don’t feel it’s necessary but I am not opposed to it if Gerrick wants to (and he does – believe me he isn’t incredibly subtle about it either!) My only rule is that we don’t make that commitment until we have reached seven years plus one day. One day longer than my previous engagement lasted… call me superstitious.

GED: Do you guys plan to have children one day?

Frank: We’ve discussed it. We both agree on two kids – a boy and a girl. But the boy has to be first so he can look out for his younger sister growing up.

Photo by Eric Scot

GED: How has living together affected your relationship for the better or worse?

Frank: We moved in together almost immediately after meeting. Through good times and bad, it’s been a great comfort for us both to know we have the other to lean on. We may want to rip each others heads off every once in awhile (laughs), but for the most part it’s a lot of fun – like living with your best friend.

Gerrick: Ditto!

GED: How do you keep the spark in the relationship and in the bedroom?

Frank: (Laughs), well trying new things never hurts. I don’t think we have ever used a toy, erotic candle or whatever it is that we are trying that day, more than once each. But toys and new things are allowed, and we do give each other a lot of erotic massages!

GED: What relationship advice do you guys have for other gay men, hoping to find the one?

Frank: Just to let it happen organically. It can be really hard to navigate the dating space these days with all the hookup sites and apps and meeting in bars and clubs. Often people seek it out, and by doing so put too many limitations on it. If you have no expectations and just go about your daily life, LOVE will most likely find you when you least expect it.

GED: One last question. How soon after having “the talk” and becoming boyfriends did each of you delete your Grindr accounts?

Photo by Eugene De Loyola

Gerrick: Believe it or not, I have never had one!

Frank: (Laughs.) I only had one for about a month – a good year before we met. The gay scene in San Francisco can be very incestuous feeling at times. One day I was online, everyone else was either a friend of mine or someone I had already hooked up with! That made me feel some kinda way, so I deleted it right there.

More on Frank/Turk at: FrankFanucchi.com

Photo by Paul Culver

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