We all have a point of view, each and every one of us has our own opinions and points of view. It is our right and gift to choose what that may be. Sometimes we hold onto our opinion or point of view as if our life depended upon it. Sometimes we become inflexible due to our opinions. This may not always serve us when conversing with others. When was the last time you have been in conversation with someone and it began to become heated because you each had a different point of view and no one was willing to release their position? This is not a comfortable place to be, and there is a solution!

To gain understanding of another, we have the opportunity to drop our point of view (for the moment) and become an open safe space of listening. To do this we must choose to suspend our opinion, and rise up to the observation deck so we can view the others thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. From this position, we are more able to release judgment and be willing to engage in active, expanded listening. This is the place we can connect, this is the place that there is an openness to learn and grow, and this is the place of possibility. From the observation deck, even though we may not 100% agree with whomever we are talking to, we are still choosing to expand beyond prior opinions and hear the individual before us. Here, we are committed to listening, not making anyone wrong or right, and learning more about what they feel and believe. Here is where we can still stay connected, respectful and honor ourselves as well as others.  From the space of connection, we can ask that others be open to hearing our thoughts as well. The core intention here is to listen to learn, to communicate to understand even if we may not agree. It is an art and a practice.

Spiritual wisdom comes from expanding beyond our present points of view. Where can you expand your personal point of view to gain perspective on someone else’s thoughts and beliefs today?  I invite you to rise up to the observation deck, open your heart to deep listening, release judgment, and see what you learn. You may still have your opinion and be firm with it, yet you will definitely gain insight on the one you are conversing with, and you will probably be honoring your relationship as well.

From the observation deck, everything expands, so our future is unlimited. We are viewing the possibilities that are not attached to our previous belief about a situation, and everything becomes expansive. In a world where we strive for positive changes for all, let us be willing to begin communicating more effectively, let us rise up, listen and learn.


Repeat this often:

My intention is to rise up and practice deep listening in all conversations that come my way.





Kim Stanwood Terranova is a licensed practitioner of Truth from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, as well as the founder of the global peace organization World As One.  Her intention is to assist individuals to awaken to live empowered lives.  Kim offers counseling sessions in her Malibu office, as well as by phone to individuals, couples and families.

Kim Stanwood Terranova, ALSP



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