With Pride approaching, Trenton Ducati and Matt Sizemore are joining forces to talk about and present an anti-drug fundraiser, and they have some experience from which they speak.  Both have first-hand knowledge of a drug whose side effects could include rotting teeth, a prematurely aging face, collapsed jaw, mood swings, and horrific depression – crystal-meth.

Sizemore, now almost five years sober and Host and Manager of Helios resort in Palm Springs (HeliosGayResort.com), is an award-winning veteran in the gay porn industry since 2000. He can recall being in his late-twenties and using meth for the first time. “I was 28-years old and I had tried everything else so meth was the next logical step. My first time I felt amazing, I spent so many years trying to get back to that original high; but it never happened,” says Sizemore. “My mentality back then was “work hard, play harder” and in retrospect that way of thinking almost killed me. I went back into porn totally sober after an eight year absence. I remember being scared and I didn’t know how to work as a performer clean, but my sponsor assured me saying “Just remember, you’re the only you there is – and no one can be Matt Sizemore but you.””

Porn star Trenton Ducati shares a similar recollection of his first encounter with meth – thinking that the drug totally completed him.

“I remember the first time I did it (meth), I was 14-years old in New Mexico. I was in a truck full of cowboys,” says Ducati. “I remember myself saying, ‘I will do this for the rest of my life.’”

Trenton Ducati was named XBIZ performer of the year in 2013 and has been an in-demand powerhouse in the gay porn scene for several years. You name a company and he’s worked for them; Hot House, Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion, Men.com – just to name a few. When Ducati is not filming he has his own stable of men that he manages, however before his success there were some dark years; Ducati was a crystal-meth addict for 15 years. On his website – TrentonDucati.com, he describes his life back then as misery; being homeless and sick while living in Seattle. He credits prison as his “Federal divine intervention.”

Helios-EventFast forward seven years Trenton Ducati is completely sober and teaming up with Matt Sizemore, to throw an anti-drug fundraiser and silent auction party on Saturday, November 15th at Helios Gay Resort in Palm Springs to bring awareness to a disease Ducati terms “gay suicide.”  Ducati says, “I like to shine light in a dark room because it’s (meth) a dirty subject.” And that ray of light in this story might just be director/photographer Anthony Duran, who both stars credit as being the catalyst for them meeting.

“I first met Matt about ten years ago while we were working for Catalina Video on a movie called ‘Ride ‘Em Cowboy,’” Anthony Duran recalls. Duran met Trenton about two years ago on the set of a Hot House movie. He admits that he never knew either had a problem with crystal-meth until Matt disclosed this years later and Trenton mentioned it while shooting the cover of a Southern California magazine which focused on sobriety. “I suggested that the two meet and talk about doing a fundraiser together because they are both extremely upfront and aren’t shy about talking in regards to their sobriety,” says Duran.

Over the last few years Trenton Ducati’s dream is to have a sophisticated foundation dedicated to the eradication of meth. In 2013 he was seen at the porn awards in Chicago wearing an original Sold Out Clothing black leather jacket with the words ‘#KILLMETH’ brazenly written with metal prong studs across the back. Ducati inspired a shirt that now sells exclusively through Sold Out Clothing with the Kill Meth slogan on it.

The Kill Meth campaign has been Ducati’s passion while not filming. Currently he has a Facebook Community page that his mom runs and can be found by searching: Kill Meth. He also has a page that aims to help fund his foundation: www.fundkillmeth.myevent.com.  The official website is still currently under development.

Sizemore says he can usually spot someone on the drug, but only offers help if asked. “Helios has a firm anti-drug policy and so if you’re using at this clothing-optional resort you tend to be at a disadvantage. They know [and] I know; [so] they usually just split, but if they do need/want help and they’re open to talking about it, I will sit down with them and often will give them my name and phone number.”  Ducati follows, “When I observe people that are using I’m empathetic, of course. I understand getting high and the lifestyle that goes with it.  But you can’t make anyone do anything, just arm them with information. When I was on meth I would never listen to someone who told me to stop doing drugs, in fact I would likely never speak to them again.”

Both promise the #KILLMETH event on November 15th to be a huge blowout! There will be porn stars, a silent auction and raffles. For more information click on the Upcoming Events tab at the Helios Resort web page or log onto Trenton Ducati’s page. If you’re reading this article and need help in the Southern California area please contact the Van Ness Recovery House: www.vannessrecovery.org or (323) 463-4266.


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