Inspirational Moments with Kim Stanwood Terranova

By Eric Davis

GED Magazine invites you to an up close and personal look into the woman behind our monthly article, World As One.  For over three years, Kim Stanwood Terranova has been bringing inspiration and positive energy to GED Magazine readers.  Kim is the founder of the non-profit global peace organization, World As One, and she is also a power house of a spiritual leader, a licensed practitioner from the Agape International Spiritual Center, a counselor, a key note speaker, and often better known as the “Mind Chiropractor”. Kim also owns and operates a beautiful retreat center in the Malibu mountains that is the home of World As One as well as a safe haven for others to come and heal and grow.  Recently we had the blessing of sitting with her, and inquiring deeper into the understanding of just what leads her to do all that she does so well.

GED:  What is your philosophy and how do you describe what you do?

Kim Stanwood Terranova:  My philosophy is that we are all individualized spiritual beings that are connected to one another and that there is a Universal presence that is always operating through us. We are powerful beyond our perception of ourselves and as we cultivate practices that honor our lives we become conscious creators of our destiny.  That is what I believe we came here to do – create our lives consciously and assist others to do the same. I have the joy to walk with individuals and assist them to wake up to their greatest self, to open the door to their deep inner wisdom.  I assist people with life enhancing tools that can be applied in all situations… the practices of living a life of intention, of gratitude and self -love, meditation, visioning and prayer and many more. These spiritual practices give us wings to fly in a world that may look a bit out of control at times. Living consciously and applying these tools bring forth unlimited joy, powerful success and authentic happiness.

GED:  What got you started on this path as a spiritual leader?

KST:  Pain. My own inner pain propelled me to become a seeker. At a very young age I became a student of life and Universal principles. As a seeker, the more I sought after, the more I understood, and then soon I became pulled by the vision of what was possible for my life, rather than pushed by the pain. So I teach all those I work with the tools that I have lived and embodied and that have been well practiced by thousands and millions of people throughout history. I am grateful to my teachers and all those that have paved the way for me to grow and evolve upon this journey.

GED:  So, you still study as well as teach?

KST: Absolutely! I will forever be a student. It makes me a better teacher and more present to all those I have the honor to walk with.

GED:  What are some of the benefits people experience in working with you?

KST: My clients gain greater clarity and ability to create what they want in their lives.  Many of them have healed relationships, doubled and tripled their income, started new businesses, learn to communicate calmly and powerfully, create a daily practice and began to trust themselves to set their intention for what they wish to create in their lives and DO IT!

GED:  Where will we find you in 2017?

KST: Everywhere!  I will be leading numerous retreats and classes.  The annual Intention Retreat is in January, then our Relationships Retreat in February, which will be held at the Namaste’ Sanctuary Malibu.  The retreat center is growing and expanding and 2017 will be overflowing with activities and powerful events. I am also a teacher of Michael Bernard Beckwith’s program at the wonderful Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, so you will find me there as well.  All the details and updates can be found on my website at Sometimes that is how I find out where I am going next.  But what I know is that I love my job, if that is what you call it.  I am grateful I can be of service and I feel blessed beyond measure.


Final note, we at GED Magazine invite you to have Kim empower your life, business or organization.  You will be grateful you did!


“Kim is the embodiment of compassion, wisdom and joy.  She is a blessing to all those that cross her path.”  Michael Bernard Beckwith, Agape Int. Spiritual Center

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