Alice asks, “I recently was told I am a “Trap”.  What is that?”

Great question!  I heard this word a few weeks ago, and had to learn more.  In our society we continue to reinvent abusive words that perpetuate discrimination, misunderstanding and abuse.  Transgender people are now being called “Traps” by cisgender persons.  Meaning we “in-Trap” them or “deceive” them based on our gender expression that sometimes does not match our assigned sex at birth.

Some have proposed that Transgender people must out ourselves or wear something stating we are Transgender so not to “Trap” others before they approach Transgender people with interest in intimacy.  From my perspective we don’t do this to felons, to Gays or Lesbians, or any other group of people.  Turning this conversation back on them, I have proposed to these individuals that would like to OUT Transgender people that they wear a T-Shirt stating what they are interested and not interested in. Let the persons around them read it and decide to pursue them intimately.  Every time, these same persons complain about invading their privacy and decline such a thing but, don’t mind invading another’s privacy.

The question comes down to if one wants to invade another’s privacy then why can’t we invade theirs? It often is about talking negative about others and relational bullying.  My former employer once mentioned before me about a Transgender person at a meeting that she was pretty. The man next to him says, “You know that’s a man, right?”  This perpetuates homophobia and transphobia in office settings were patriarchy occurs.  It in turn places the person that made the positive comment in a position of standing by their words and equality or, being the next office gossip topic that battles the ‘homophobia’ within the office setting.

Using the word “Trap” implies that someone is victimized by a Transgender person and that they are using deceptive behavior to persuade that person into a situation that they would normally avoid.  We as humans should approach everyone the same with ‘friendship’ vs approaching everyone as a ‘bed fellow’ and that would solve any issues of a “Trap”.


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