Las Vegas Hustlaball 2015 is now one for the record books. During its Martin Luther King weekend run at The Artisan boutique hotel it managed to bring sex, kink, porn stars, freaks, jocks, hookers, drag queens, go go boys and everything in between under the same roof.

IMG_0892 2Just some of the porn stars in attendance were: Trenton Ducati, Ryan Rose, Boomer Banks, Sebastian Kross, Casey Everett,  Brent Corrigan, Jesse Colter, Kurtis Wolfe, Armond Rizzo, Leo Forte, Brenner Bolton, Johnny V, Blue Bailey, Samuel Stone, Theo Ford,  Eli Lewis, Rocco Steele, Bennett Anthony, Ryan Raz, Brandon Baker & Cockyboys: Tayte Hansen, Levi Karter and Ricky Roman.

The reviews on the entire weekend have been generally favorable. Let’s be honest, the promoters could have done a carbon copy of what they did last year and played it safe, but these bitches took it one step further, incorporating hardcore sex in every aspect of the weekend made ticket holders of this now annual event eat it all up! If you were a hotel guest, you were less than impressed with the tiny rooms. “What the fuck, I thought I was getting a suite,” I think I exclaimed. Although no fault to the promoters of Hustlaball, The Artisan is in dire need of a spring cleaning and a gay touch. However, seeing it from the perspective of the Hustlaball crew this small, unassuming hotel was the perfect location for porn aficionados day or and night.

IMG_1094 3Saturday night was the VIP Party located on the 5th floor of the hotel. The crazy part: the entire floor was filled with men half naked looking for some action. Pop star Lance Bass even mentioned on his weekly radio show “Dirty Pop” that he was receiving photos of men in action. Granted I can’t recall too much and I’m not sure how much I’m legally allowed to say.  The main deejay for the evening was DJ Euro-Steve and in any given room you could find random guys going at it, and with performances going on by the professionals like Ryan Rose! Porn-celebrities like director Mr. Pam were in attendance catcalling for men to have sex.  When I grow up I want to be like Pam! Obviously Mr. Pam is a supporter of mixing business and pleasure! The sex and the party didn’t stop until the sun came up! No one seemed to tire of exploring all that the 5th floor had to offer.

Sunday was the official Hustlaball party and there was a line out the door around the corner, and it seemed at one point that the fire department might have to come and disperse the crowd. Admittedly it’s a phenomenal party when Las Vegas locals can’t even elbow their way in the doors. Literally, you HAD to be at this party!  I was the negative Nancy telling most of my party that this would be soft core only since it was in the lobby and main lounge area of the hotel and security was everywhere. I’m usually not wrong, but I was blown away to see Rocco Steele and Bennett Anthony going at it in one of the side rooms. This room had a packed attendance for every sex show that was featured throughout the night. The one complaint people had was IMG_1117they didn’t know where to go or what was happening when. You would walk into one room and a random spectator would say “Did you see what just happened in that room over there?” I felt like I was at a theme park and needed not only a map, but a breakdown of what time everything was happening! Again the party didn’t end until the sun came up and I know this because the romper room was on floor three – the floor I was staying on and we heard the fans walking up and down screaming until 6am.

Overall the weekend was EVERYTHING and I have to give the team of Las Vegas Hustlaball a BIG “thumbs up” for taking a chance, being creative and pushing the boundaries of what I thought would ever go down in a small hotel off the Las Vegas Strip!

For now we wait, until next year….


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