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Politically correct is not a phrase associated with Roxy Harris of Blackbook in Palm Springs,  however compassion and genuine care for everyone are his strengths. A true native from Palm Springs, Roxy is never lacking for an opinion or an aside to make you howl. He has tended bar from Indio to the top of the tram. Roxy is a regular Mother Theresa when it comes to animals… he prefers dogs to people, and always has a treat for Blackbook’s four-legged guests. He spent the past year developing the Blackbook cocktail program and is the den mother to a motley crew of professional bartenders who have found a home where they go out of their way to make all feel welcome.

hello-kitty-kitty-0817Hello Kitty Kitty

2 oz Portland Potato Vodka

½ oz Giffard Violette

½ oz Orgeat syrup

½ oz Fresh Lemon

Combine ingredients in pint glass, shake, and top with Sprite, garnish with lemon and fresh mint. Enjoy!


Visit Blackbook at 315 E Arenas Rd, Palm Springs, CA and say “HI” to Roxy!


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