By Charlie Gage

Warning, this book contains pirates, werewolves, skater ghosts, and a horny Godzilla, all naked and having hardcore gay sex. HARD TO SWALLOW COMICS, created by Dave Davenport and Justin Hall, ran from 2006 to 2009 featuring gay erotica that was “personal and challenging,” according to Hall. Now the entire run of HARD TO SWALLOW COMICS (plus a full issue of new works) has been collected into one massive 320 page deluxe volume. The stories inside range from the dark pirate prisoner story “Tales of the Hard Roger,” to the whimsical horror adventure of Feral the Werewolf and his dead, but very active ghost skater boyfriend. Alternately mixed in are grounded and almost endearing stories of hot hook ups. HARD TO SWALLOW is hardcore erotica that balances the sex with the story, making it even hotter.

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