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GIVING AND RECEIVING; The Heart of Generosity

There is an art to giving and receiving, and there are unlimited blessings that come from both.  Love is being expressed when we give, and hearts are being touched when we receive.  The giver and the receiver are blessed and the exchange is a moment of beautiful connection and appreciation.  Giving and receiving are necessary components to thriving in life, to living an extraordinary and fulfilled existence.

When we are givers, we are operating from a heart of generosity, we are embodying the wisdom that there is plenty to give.  Remembering that this beautiful Universe is unlimited by its very nature, when we are givers we are activating the field of unlimited abundance from the knowing there is always enough.  The earth is always replenishing, our souls are always rejuvenating, and there is always more.  So our giving comes from the fullness of who we are and all that we wish to share.  Trusting that we have more than enough to give.

As the gift of giving is immeasurable, it is important to note that the blessing of receiving, the willingness to receive, is just as necessary to cultivate.  Many individuals find it much harder to receive than to give.  Yet our ability to receive is directly connected to the measure of what we are given.  Consider this, if you are not willing to receive then you are not open for more to come to you.  Any time we deny our good, whether it is a compliment, a present, or a financial gift from someone, we are turning away from our blessings.  We are saying “no thank you” to receiving from the Universal source.  The key is to cultivate the field of receptivity for more good to come.   We do this by being good receivers and not denying whatever blessings come our way.  A simple practice to awaken the ability to receive is to gently be willing to open your heart, to all the good that comes your way, and simply say “thank you.”  This cultivates the ability to be a good receiver.

See today how often you can be willing to accept a compliment, a helping hand, or a gift that someone may wish to bless you with.  Allow yourself to trust your inner giver when you want to reach out and help someone in need.  Remember, as you give, and as you receive, there is always more coming your way, it is simply the law of circulation.  World As One blesses you as you open your heart this season and give freely and receive abundantly.




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At this time of year, many individuals and companies are generously donating their end of the year financial contributions to organizations that they believe in.  We at World As One ask that you consider us in your thoughts at this time.  WORLD AS ONE is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to bringing peace principles to children here in the United States, as well as world wide.  It is our greatest intention to support the children of the world in having the tools to live as global citizens.  The world needs us right now, and we are in need of your support to fulfill our mission.

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Call our office to learn more at 818-879-1959.  We appreciate your support more than words can express!  Join us in creating a world that honors all of humanity!

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