Find Strength In Numbers With P90X LIVE Classes That Will Change The Way You Look At Group Training!

What is P90X LIVE? P90X LIVE is a group-focused total body strength and cardio class that incorporates proven principles from personal training and functional strength coaching. P90X LIVE is for everyone, whether super fit, not so fit, or somewhere in between, and it’s perfect for all age groups. It challenges every muscle group in the body with very little rest between each set, resulting in greater calorie burn, even after the workout. It’s a great way to challenge the body and mind while breaking through exercise plateaus.

This fitness breakthrough has helped millions of people go from soft to totally ripped. Celebrities, professional athletes, and people looking to get fit have achieved extraordinary results with P90X. There’s even a huge following of more than 600,000 Facebook fans and 10,000+ user-generated YouTube videos.

In P90X LIVE class, participants are constantly moving at a rapid pace, which leads to increased calorie burn in a shorter period of time. Doing high intensity intervals of strength training mixed with bursts of cardio gives participants a total body workout while putting them into the ideal calorie burning zone. Because participants are moving between exercises at a rapid pace, there is only time to focus on the movement. The exercises may be challenging, but they are never boring.

JKP_5538-72P90X LIVE classes normally include a high level of aerobic conditioning. Every exercise is designed to elevate heart rate and achieve an aerobic effect and a full body and strength workout. One of the best benefits of working out in a P90X LIVE class is that there is very little equipment involved. Participants can use strength bands or their own body weight for resistance while working several muscle groups at the same time. Using a wide range of exercises, including jumping jacks, sit-ups, burpees, lunges, push-ups, upper and lower body strengthening, and resistance training, participants who exercise three or more times per week on a regular basis may experience greater fitness and a higher sense of well being over a short period of time.

Dynamic, efficient workouts with the potential to burn a high number of calories per workout session, develop both muscular and cardiovascular fitness and increase endurance and stamina. And breaking the monotony provides motivation and helps participants become more involved in the classes and increases the likelihood that they will continue to work on their fitness goals over a long period of time. The combination of a team atmosphere, intense full body exercise, cardiovascular activity, and strength training makes P90X LIVE classes fun and very effective at improving endurance, increasing lean muscle mass, and improving overall coordination and balance. A very important benefit of P90X LIVE classes is the ability to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self esteem. In addition, studies have shown that regular exercise is effective in relieving anxiety and depression.

Fired Up Athletics in Los Angeles is offering P90X LIVE classes (less than one hour long) that are designed to get participants in and out of the studio before work. All muscle groups are targeted, and participants get a full body workout. The class structure is taught with P90X’s fun protocols, including Intervals, Matrix Plus, Matrix Minus, Double Up Complex, and more. As always, participants can go at their own pace.

fired-up-jan17-750Eldon Hernandez is certified as a Specialist in Group Fitness by the International Sports Science Association and has a P90X LIVE Certification issued by Beachbody. You can find information on his P90X LIVE classes and much more by visiting And be sure to follow Fired Up Athletics at and

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