The path of the awakened soul is one of gentleness. The path to healing our heart is one of being willing to practice gentleness as often as possible with one another and with ourselves. Gentleness is the key to greatness.

Only the gentle, are ever really strong.”  James Dean

Gentleness is a sign of strength; great inner strength. One may have obvious physical strength, but the one that can be gentle and strong is a powerful being, because it takes strength to choose gentleness over harshness. It takes wisdom to rise up in challenging situations and choose the path of loving strength over hard edge harm. If we look at history, there have been many defining moments where the gentle being stood above the rest. To name a few, let us consider Gandhi’s gentle soul as he took a stand for what he believed in, Mother Teresa’s compassion that healed the masses, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and countless others. Let us not forget the nameless souls that we may not know but their gentle love changes lives each and everyday. The fire-fighter that moves through a firestorm to lift someone to safety, the CEO of a company that chooses to honor all employees and make decisions that may not be popular, but are fair to all, and the parent who holds the child when they take a misstep and are searching to find their way. There are so many others, and probably fair to say, if you look at your own life, you may see the ways that your choices of kindness alter the lives of many.

Today, I invite you to allow your inner eye to search out all the ways you can embrace your gentleness and let it lead the way. Drop the judgment of separation and allow your heart to be open to extending kindness and acceptance. Maybe first begin with yourself, and see if you can just take a breath and drop the chatter of self judgment. Give it a day off. (Can you imagine if we gave the chatter a day off?) Instead, replace that chatter with a kind voice that reminds you that you are doing the best you can right now, and with each step, each breath you will choose again, try again, extend love again.  Choose to be gentle with yourself and watch your acceptance for others begin to expand. With every breath be willing to gently and willingly practice the release of judgment that keeps us stuck and embrace a path of openness.

The path to healing our heart begins here. To practice acceptance one must choose gentleness over anger, kindness over attack, and love over hate. Let us begin today. Where can you speak more kindly to yourself today? Where can you speak more kindly to those you walk this path with? I inspire you to choose the path of strength that embraces a gentle heart.

Gentleness is the order of the day! Without it, we may fall away!




Kim Stanwood Terranova is a licensed practitioner of Truth from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, as well as the founder of the global peace organization World As One.  Her intention is to assist individuals to awaken to live empowered lives, knowing that peace on Earth is possible as we become willing to embody our highest vision.

Kim Stanwood Terranova, ALSP



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