Ron asks, “Does anyone teach some of them fashion and that when your 40 you’re not supposed to try to wear 16 year olds clothing?”

Good question Ron, thank you for sharing and I believe I understand what you are trying to say.  In the past the condition in which Transgender people had been diagnosed with was called Gender Identity Disorder. That was found to send the wrong message as a condition that can be fixed like a physical health ailment. It was then changed to Gender Dysphoria in which means Transgender people do not see themselves as the gender they were assigned at birth.

The issue here, is that many Transgender people have suffered over their lifetime and hid who and what they are.  There is a deep sense of loss and regret that they should have transitioned earlier so their lives would have been different.  From this deep sense of loss it triggers their Gender Dysphoria and they have a feeling of happiness when they wear something claiming that time in their life where they wish they had begun.

I have found that the Transgender community has to normally ask another “does this look good on me?” and those other people objectify them to improve their gender expression.  Others choose to try to do it on their own.  Some have not accepted that they can look great wearing things more appropriate where others choose not to do so for the additional attention they receive.  Needless to say, there isn’t a one answer fits all.  From my perspective, a person’s personal relationship with another determines if we can share advice and corrective measures so they can live more authentically.

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