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As the founder of GaymerX tell us about GaymerX Year Four?

For the past four years, our goal with GaymerX has been to create the very best gaming convention in the world for people who love gaming. We want a place for the gay and queer geeks of our world to be able to geek out with other folks who share the same values and struggles, and be able to create a lasting community and bond.


GaymerX will be in a new location this year; but where and when?

This year we’ll be at the Santa Clara Convention Center and Hyatt on September 30 – Oct 2.


What kind of entertainment/activities can we look forward to at GaymerX this year?

There will be a cosplay pageant/contest, concert, drag show, game show, tons of amazing panels, booths and sponsors ranging from huge folks like Intel, Blizzard, and Microsoft, to local and indie game developers, arcade machines, and much more!


Will there be a Cosplay Contest and if so how can those interested sign up?

We’ll have more information in our emails we send to folks who have tickets (and on our blog), or just email us at We run the contest on Sunday, so if you come to the con, just come up to a friendly sprite and ask how to throw your name into the cosplay hat — we have cash and trophy prizes, and it’s a lot of fun!

Any cool Panels we should check out this year?

We haven’t announced the panels as of this interview just yet, but all of the panels from our first three years are available for free on the GaymerX YouTube channel to help you see what the panels at GaymerX are all about — ranging from super fun fan-facing stuff to more in-depth and industry work.


So your game READ ONLY MEMORIES just came out for PS4 and PS Vita. Congratulations! What other systems can the game be played on and are there more plans for READ ONLY MEMORIES i.e. DLC’s?

Thank you! 2064: Read Only Memories was a true labor of love and we wanted to create the very best LGBTQ focused game possible and we’re so honored to have had the chance to work on it for the past few years. The response has been phenomenal and shows just how hungry the queer audience is for content which tells their stories. 2064: Read Only Memories will be a free upgrade to existing owners on PC/Mac/Linux shortly, and we’ll be looking at Xbox One and iPad/Android Tablet releases in the near future. As for what’s next, we love the world we’ve built with Read Only Memories, so I hope we get a chance to revisit it soon!


Where can our readers go to find more information about the convention and where to get tickets to GaymerX?

They can go to or to get information on tickets, hotel rooms, and all the info you might need to get prepped and primed and ready to rock! Also, GED readers can get 25% off all tickets by using the code “GED”!


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