You want to win a war?  Strategy is key.  Let me clue you in on something you should already know…eating clean and healthy is hard.  The population of America fights a constant war with unhealthy food choices.  Why is it harder to find healthier sources of eating then healthy sources?  We are the land of a new health care plan, yet full of careless health.  The battle is real, the unhealthy food war is continuous, and it can be won. Prepare and you will win.

Unless you are dead and not on Instagram, you will see that “food prep” is a very popular post.  Food preparation is multiple meals prepared in proper portion containers for convenience and quick access.  It gives you the time to fit in your meals when time is of the essence.  You’re less likely to skip a meal or eat out when your food is already waiting for you.  Take it out and heat it up! POW!

Now there many ways to accomplish your goal of a successful food preparation week to week, either you cook it yourself or you purchase meals prepared from many of the companies out there in the market.  Carrying your food may become an issue, so bags that the companies provide can be used or a specific food case can be bought, such as the 6 Pack Bag.

What’s in your food prep is very important.  All macronutrients and micronutrients should be catered to for your specific needs and goals.  It is great to love potatoes but love must be shown to the meat and veggies as well.  Keep changing your meals up with a lot of variety.  The point of meal prepping is to keep it fresh.  Eating the same meal over and over again will lead to cheating, defeating the whole purpose of preparation.

The success of all diets is the plan and the execution.  Food preparation is not a diet, it is an eating lifestyle.  You are making your food adapt to you, not you adapting to your food like a diet will do or worse eating out at a restaurant.  Live your life on your rules, on your terms, with your eating schedule to fit your life.  Now prep and fight back!


Fitness Tip:  Prepare your food on Sundays so your food is fresh for the week and ready for the week!


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